Premium U-PVC Casing Pipe for 125mm Boreholes: Ultimate Durability & Compliance

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Maximize your borehole operations with our Premium U-PVC Casing Pipe for 125mm boreholes. Specifically engineered for endurance and longevity, this 2.9m long device ensures efficient lining and effortless gravel placement. Key attributes include:

  • Nominal Diameter: 125 mm
  • Length: 2.9 m, optimal for deep installations
  • Joint Type: Flush joint for flawless connectivity
  • Material: High-quality U-PVC
  • Depth Compatibility: Suitable for installations up to 120 m
  • Included Accessories: Sand trap pipe, hoisting tool, clamps, bottom plug, and top cap
  • Delivery: Bulk shipped in 20-foot ISO containers

Upgrade your borehole machinery today with our premium U-PVC casing pipe and unlock exceptional performance.

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Premium U-PVC Casing Pipe for 125mm Boreholes: Excellence in Durability & Compliance

Introducing our top-tier Premium U-PVC Casing Pipe, masterfully crafted for 125mm boreholes. This product embodies long-lasting strength and world-class standards, offering an optimal borehole casing solution.

Outstanding Durability and Quality

Made from superior U-PVC, this casing pipe guarantees enduring sturdiness and exceptional quality. Thanks to this robust trait, our U-PVC casing pipe can withstand long years of use while maintaining its immaculate condition.

Perfect Fit for 125mm Boreholes

With commendable precision, our casing pipe has been engineered to flawlessly fit boreholes with a 125mm nominal diameter. Its precise dimensions include a 140mm outer diameter, 127mm inner diameter, and a wall thickness of 6.5mm, offering a perfect snug fit.

Versatile Depth Installation

The casing pipe can be comfortably installed down to a depth of 120 meters. This considerable depth accommodation ensures the pipe’s wide-ranging applicability for diverse borehole setups.

Assured International Standard Compliance

Our U-PVC casing pipe strictly adheres to international standards, such as DIN 4925/8061. This undoubtable compliance confirms the high-quality design and assures global usability.

Effortless Installation

The casing pipe comes in 2.9m sections and arrives with a flush joint, guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free installation process. This feature significantly cuts down on setup time, ensuring you can get your borehole up and running swiftly.

Additional Accessories Available

For a comprehensive borehole setup solution, additional accessories are available for order. This array of supplementary items extends from sand trap pipe, hoisting tool, bottom plug to clamps and a top cap.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: Approximately 10.2 kg, ensuring effortless handling and installation.
  • Volume: Approximately 36 m3, reflecting its vast capacity.

Invest in the best. Achieve the perfect blend of strength, durability, and international standards compliance with the Premium U-PVC Casing Pipe for 125mm boreholes.

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