Premium Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% - Ultimate Water Disinfectant

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Product: Premium Quality Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% – An unbeatable disinfectant solution for water purification. Exceptional in its efficacy and versatility.

  • Form: Offered in multiple forms – Powder, Granules, or Briquettes
  • Chlorine Content: Ensures a substantial minimum of 67% Chlorine concentration for maximum disinfection
  • Moisture Content: Strictly maintained below 10%, with a 5.5% for the dry variety (UN No. 1748)
  • Particle Size: At least 99.5% fine sieving rate of 0.5mm as per UK standards
  • Purity: Delivered as fine, uninterrupted, free-flowing white granules/powder without dust or clumps
  • Storage: Stays effective for up to 2 years if stored in dry, cool conditions, ideally under 30-35°C
  • Use: Expert in eliminating dangerous microbes, including viruses and bacteria, in potable water
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Premium Quality Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% - Ultimate Water Disinfectant Solution

An unrivaled champion in water treatment, our Calcium Hypochlorite exhibits superior disinfecting action. With an impressive concentration level between 65-70%, it safeguards health by providing clean and safe drinking water. It comes in a variety of convenient forms, such as powder, granules, and 7g briquettes, ensuring maximum utility for a broad range of applications.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Potent Disinfectant Power: Our Calcium Hypochlorite contains a minimum of 67% available chlorine. This high content ensures unmatched disinfection, guaranteeing clean, safe water every time.
  • Advanced Moisture Control: Enjoy a safe user experience, thanks to our product's excellent stability. We maintain our moisture content at 10% or lower (5.5% for UN number 1748), mitigating the risk of hazardous chemical reactions.
  • Uniform High Performance: Each batch of our product features approximately 99.5% particle uniformity at 0.5 mm size. This guarantees consistent effectiveness with every use.
  • Superb stability: Even under rigorous test conditions, our Calcium Hypochlorite experiences negligible loss of available chlorine, maximizing its efficiency and value.
  • Exceptional Purity: Featuring white, low-dusting granules or powder, our product is free from impurities and hard lumps, ensuring pure, high-quality goods.

Long Shelf Life with Proper Storage

When stored under cool, dry conditions at temperatures not exceeding 30-35 degrees Celsius, our Calcium Hypochlorite maintains its efficacy for up to 2 years.

Safe Transportation

As safety is a top concern, we follow approved procedures for transporting our product. Each shipment includes a comprehensive Material Safety Data Sheet outlining instructions for safe handling.


Our Calcium Hypochlorite is dispatched in premium quality, airtight polyethylene drums. These containers preserve the product's integrity and feature labels indicating hazard goods references for secure management.


Our Calcium Hypochlorite is an excellent choice for treating drinking water. It ensures safe and healthy living conditions by offering potent disinfection capabilities.

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