Superior High-Quality Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% Granules - 5kg for Powerful Industrial Cleaning

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Superior Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% Granules – 5kg, designed primarily for intense cleaning and water disinfection. Matches high-grade British Standard Specifications with a minimum 67% accessible chlorine.

  • Forms: Available in granulated and powdered presentation for maximum solubility and action.
  • Chlorine Content: Consistent range of 65-70% for ensured sterilizing power.
  • Packaging: Supplied in 5kg airtight polyethylene pails suitable for air-cargo transport.
  • Application: Ideal for water purification and intense cleaning applications.
  • Storage Conditions: Recommended storage in a cool (below 30-35°C), dry place.

An excellent alternative to NaDCC 55% Chlorine Granules, available in different quantities.

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Revel in the power of superior cleaning with our High-Quality Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% Granules - 5kg. Exemplifying unmatched quality in granulated compounds, these Chlorine-rich granules bring an entirely new standard to cleansing and sanitizing applications in diverse industries.

Our Calcium Hypochlorite granules contain a striking 65 to 70% active chlorine content, endowing them with potent sanitation capabilities. Recognized for their aggressive and efficient cleaning properties, these granules serve as the perfect solution for varied commercial or industrial cleansing needs. Their broad applicability ensures that all your sanitation needs are met impeccably.

  • Top-notch Granulation: The granulated design of our Calcium Hypochlorite makes them easy to manage and apply, thereby simplifying all cleansing processes they partake in.
  • High Chlorine Concentration: Boasting a high active chlorine percentage of 65-70%, these granules exhibit matchless efficiency in eradication of all undesirable substances, effectively sanitizing your materials.
  • Superior Quality Assurance: The granules’ low moisture content of under 10% safeguards the efficacy and potency of these granules, consistently delivering optimum results.
  • Uniform Particle Size: Upholding the British Standard Specifications, 99.5% of these granules satisfy the 0.5mm size criteria, promising uniformity in usage and results.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Owing to their two-year shelf life under appropriate storage conditions, these Calcium Hypochlorite granules present an economical choice for long-term projects.

These granules are offered in robust 5 kg pails for convenient storage and practical usage. Choose our High-Quality Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% Granules - 5kg for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs and experience a transformation in your sanitation protocols today!

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