Half-inch Low Loss Coaxial Cable for Enhanced VHF Base/Repeater Stations Communication

SKU: PN-TK-010
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High-Quality 1/2 Inch Low Loss Coaxial Cable for Enhanced VHF Base/Repeater Stations Communication: Enhance your station’s performance with this top-notch alternative to standard RG-213 cables, perfect for deployments greater than 30m.

  • Premium Specifications: Offers 50 ohm nominal impedance, typical attenuation of 0.8 dB per 30m at 150MHz, and peak input power of 150W.
  • Customizable: Provides user-defined connectors and comes in varied lengths.
  • Durable & Lightweight: Sports an outer diameter of 16mm and an estimated weight of 0.22kg/m; a 30m cable roughly weighs 6.6kg.

Recommended for use with DB-222/224 antennas and may require a female N-connector at one end.

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Superior Half-inch Low Loss Coaxial Cable for Efficient VHF Base/Repeater Stations

Maximize your communication setup with our high-grade, half-inch Low Loss Coaxial Cable for VHF Base/Repeater Stations. This premium product is built to offer exceptional performance, ensuring a sturdy and steady connection that caters to your every operational requirement.

Prominent Features for Optimal Efficiency

  • 50-Ohm Nominal Impedance: Achieve flawless signal transmission and pickup with our coaxial cable that aligns perfectly with your VHF base/repeater station.
  • High 88% Velocity Factor: Bolster the speed of transmission and boost overall communication performance with superior velocity.
  • Minimal Attenuation: Experience reduced signal loss with our low-attenuation feature, presenting only 0.8 dB per 30m at 150MHz. This promises a potent signal over extensive distances without the need for supplementary power boosters or repeaters.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Benefit from an easy-to-handle, lightweight design coupled with a sustainable 16mm outer diameter for uncomplicated setup and installation at your VHF base station.
  • Perfect Frequency Stability: Ensure consistent and reliable communication under strenuous conditions with our frequency stability of about 4.5 ppm/°C.
  • High Power Capacity: With a maximum input power capacity of 150W, our coaxial cable is apt for standard communication applications.
  • Flexible Usage: Our coaxial cable supports two connector options, customizable lengths upon request, and maintains a reliable operational capacity, thus adding versatility to your communication needs.

In a Nutshell

The half-inch Low Loss Coaxial Cable for VHF Base/Repeater Stations is an efficient, durable, and reliable solution for enhancing your communications network. It's a preferred alternative to regular RG-213 base/repeater cables, especially when the antenna-radio distance exceeds 30m. Upgrade your communication setup with our top-notch cable for heightened broadcasting efficiency and resilience.

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