BXZRJ Series Emulsifier: For Enhanced Emulsion Stability & Performance

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Introducing the BXZRJ Series Emulsifier, a prime choice for strengthening the stability and enhancing the performance of emulsions in numerous sectors. Renowned for its premium quality, this formulation fuses top-notch emulsifying agents, enabling desirable consistency and resilience in products. Its water-soluble property and low viscosity ensure seamless blending in different scenarios. Ideal for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and chemical industries. Presented as a transparent liquid with a pH bracket of 6.0-7.5, it requires storage in a cool, dry environment free from direct sunlight. Reach out to our customer service for any inquiries, custom formulations, or volume orders.

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BXZRJ Series Emulsifier - Your Solution for Enhanced Emulsion Stability & Performance

Introducing the BXZRJ Series Emulsifier - meticulously engineered to solve all your emulsion stability needs and enhance product performance. This tailor-made solution promises unparalleled emulsifying properties and dispersive capabilities, delivering an exemplar product consistency and stability.

Distinguished Features:

  • Extraordinary enhancement in emulsion stability
  • Unrivaled improvement in overall product performance
  • Premium formulation guaranteeing unparalleled quality


  • High-quality emulsifying agents blended exclusively
  • Auxiliary ingredients for added benefits

Composition and Appearance:

The BXZRJ Series Emulsifier is presented as a clear liquid, guaranteeing no compromise on the product's attributes. It retains a pH balance of 6.0-7.5 and exhibits a low viscosity level under 10 mPa·s, delivering hassle-free blending. The universal solubility in water further simplifies the application process.


The BXZRJ Series Emulsifier brings value to a wide array of industries. It's the preferred choice in:

  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Cosmetic Formulation
  • Chemical Synthesis

Storage Guidelines:

For optimal longevity and performance, store the BXZRJ Series Emulsifier in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Always ensure the container is tightly closed to avert contamination.

Unlock superior emulsion stability and performance enhancement today with our BXZRJ Series Emulsifier.

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