Stainless Steel Kick Bucket on Castors | Ultra-Durable Waste Management Solution

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Introducing the Premium Stainless Steel Kick Bucket on Castors – a perfect blend of durability and practicality. Robustly crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it can withstand even harsh tropical environments. The bucket, mounted on anti-static castors, offers smooth mobility across diverse surfaces. Its prominent feature includes a removable design, facilitating easy cleaning, and a full-circle safety rubber buffer equipped reliable holder frame. With dimensions of 36-44 cm and a capacity to hold up to 12L, this product proves a proficient solution to waste management.

  • Material: Resilient, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Design: Removable for hassle-free cleaning
  • Dimensions: 36-44 cm (diameter x height)
  • Capacity: Up to 12L of waste collection
  • Mobility: Anti-static castors for fluid movement
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Robust Stainless Steel Kick Bucket on Castors | Your Ultimate Waste Collection Solution

Discover the revolution in waste management with our Premium Stainless Steel Kick Bucket on Castors. This leading-edge product has been meticulously designed with the highest attention to detail, ensuring unmatched durability and practicality. It caters impeccably to rigorous demands, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability.

Notable Product Features

  • Flawless Design: The bucket is expertly designed to fit effortlessly onto its lever-operated holder frame, enabling ease of mounting and dismounting. Moreover, the sturdy base ensures optimal stability.
  • Exceptional Durability: The bucket is fabricated from premium Austenitic Stainless Steel 18/10, contributing to its superior resistance against corrosion and wear. It promises enduring functionality, even in challenging climatic conditions.
  • Smooth Mobility: With its broad heavy base combined with five anti-static swivel castors, the bucket provides unfettered navigation across all surface types, thereby boosting operational efficiency.
  • Collision Protection: A protective rubber band encircling the frame dramatically reduces damage from collisions, furthering the lifespan of the product.
  • Generously Sized: The bucket parameters (36-44 cm diameter, 36-44 cm height) alongside its 12L capacity, guarantee adequate storage for waste without sacrificing easy maneuverability.

Assured Safety and Convenience

  • Simple Assembly: To ensure a hassle-free installation procedure, the product is accompanied by all necessary assembly tools and detailed, text-free instructions.
  • In-built Safety Measures: As a pre-emptive measure, users are directed to check the structural integrity of the unit prior to every use, thereby ensuring a safe and sanitized workspace.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: Approximately 5.20 kg
  • Volume: Approximately 0.06 m3

Our Premium Stainless Steel Kick Bucket on Castors consistently meets the stringent requirements of the EAN 128 barcode system, offering compelling evidence of its superior quality and adherence to global standards.

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