Durable Storage Box for Lab Tubes | High-Capacity Cryopreservation Solution

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Offering the pinnacle of cryopreservation and lab organization, the Durable Storage Box for Lab Tubes is an indispensable tool for any laboratory setting. With the robust chemical-resistant plastic construction, it provides superior durability and safety. It can withstand extreme freezing conditions, making it perfect for cryopreservation applications. This high-capacity storage box can house up to 100 tubes of 0.5ml/2.0ml/5.0ml sizes. Designed for maintaining rigorous quality standards, it facilitates both day-to-day storage and long-term cryopreservation.

  • Capacity: Accommodates 100 tubes in sizes of 0.5ml/2.0ml/5.0ml.
  • Material: Fabricated from chemical-resistant plastic for maximum longevity and safety.
  • Utility: Equally suitable for routine lab storage and advanced cryopreservation tasks.
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Durable Storage Box for Lab Tubes - The Ultimate Cryopreservation and Lab Organization Solution

Enhance your workflow and secure your precious samples with our industry-leading Durable Storage Box for Lab Tubes. This high-performance storage solution is designed to withstand the stringent demands of any laboratory environment. With its impressive capacity and resilience, it ensures smooth, efficient cryopreservation and sample storage.

Outstanding Features for Superior Storage

  • Superb Storage Capacity: With the capability to accommodate 100 test tubes, you can easily organize and secure your samples in one place.
  • Robust and Durable Material: Built from premium-grade, chemical-resistant plastic, this storage box safeguards your valuable samples against harmful laboratory conditions.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy: Despite its considerable storage capacity, the box weighs only 0.5kg and has a volume of just 0.009m3, offering a balance between lightness and durability.
  • Optimized for Cryopreservation: This storage box has been meticulously designed to meet the exacting requirements of ultra-low temperature storage, making it the perfect tool for cryopreservation.

Our Durable Storage Box for Lab Tubes offers a highly efficient, reliable solution for sample storage, setting a new standard for laboratory practice. Secure and organize your critical samples with a storage solution crafted for the utmost durability and efficacy.

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