Metal Lockable Storage Box: A Robust, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Storage Solution

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Secure your items with the Metal Lockable Storage Box. Crafted from environmentally-friendly, recycled aluminum, it offers high-density storage. The dust and water-resistant properties ensure endurance in hostile environments. Use the dual-code locks for added security. Its stackable design promises efficient space use. Perfect for storing tools, books, kit components, and pharmaceuticals. Box measurements: exterior – 790x590x245mm, interior – 764x574x220mm, weight – 6.5kg, and volume – 0.12 cubic meters.
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Metal Lockable Storage Box: Secure, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly

Boost your organizational prowess with the eco-friendly Metal Lockable Storage Box. A paragon of secure storage, it is sculpted from resilient recycled aluminum, fusing sturdy construction with environmental consciousness. This superior storage solution transitions seamlessly from protecting books to safeguarding specialized equipment.

Durable, Lightweight Design

The high-density storage box measures 1mm in thickness and weighs a manageable 6.5kg. It is designed with recycled aluminum for superior resilience, providing impact resistance to ensure robust protection for all your valuables.

Outstanding Security

The Metal Lockable Storage Box offers secure storage with integrated code padlocks. This prime feature translates to exceptional security for your most valuable possessions, whether it's essential documents, tools, or specialized equipment.

Expansive Storage Space

The box boasts external dimensions of 790x590x245mm, and internal dimensions of 764x574x220mm, it offers ample storage capacity of 0.12 cubic meters. This generous space efficiently accommodates all your storage needs, large or small.

Weather-resistant Protection

Our Metal Lockable Storage Box offers superior protection from the elements. Its specific construction ensures your items are robustly shielded against dust and water damage, providing peace of mind in unsettled weather.

Functional Stackable Design

With its packable and stackable design, this storage box guarantees optimal usage of space. The ability to stack these boxes opens opportunities for more extensive, organized storage and seamless integration into diverse kits and systems based on your needs.

Versatile Applications

This Metal Lockable Storage Box transcends typical storage limitations. It is purpose-built to safeguard an array of items, ranging from important documents to pharmaceuticals and communication equipment. It can easily be utilized for educational kits, recreational supplies, and more.

Environmentally Conscious

Crafted from recycled aluminum, this storage box epitomizes environmentally-conscious design. It promotes the circular economy concept, reducing the dependence on virgin material production and embodying our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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