Robust Microscope Slide Storage Box Set of 10: Boost Lab Efficiency & Organizational Capacity

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Product: Upgrade your lab’s efficiency with our robust, high-capacity Microscope Slide Storage Boxes in a set of 10.

  • Premium Capacity: Durably designed to store and protect up to 100 standard-sized microscope slides (7.6 x 2.6 cm) per box.
  • Reliable Construction: Crafted from high-grade thermoplastic ABS for reliable long-term use.
  • Enhanced Safety: Features a safe lid lock and cork base to prevent slide loss or damage.
  • Organizational Efficiency: Equipped with an index card holder for efficient slide cataloging.
  • Complete Package: Each package provides 10 high-capacity storage boxes, offering a comprehensive lab storage solution.
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Revamp Your Laboratory Efficiency with the Robust Microscope Slide Storage Box (Set of 10): The Ultimate Solution for Highly Organized Labs

Elevate your laboratory's operational efficiency with our Robust Microscope Slide Storage Box, a set of 10. Specially engineered to optimize your lab organization, this manaesthetic yet practical storage system redefines your lab storage strategy. Fabricated from premium-quality, rugged thermoplastic ABS material, these storage boxes ensure supreme protection for your vital scientific assets.

Exceptional Features

  • 100-slide capacity for each robust box, encouraging bulk storage and boosting your lab productivity.
  • Sturdy design, crafted from durable thermoplastic ABS guarantees prolonged service and superior slide protection.
  • Prevents accidental slide loss through a secure lid lock feature.
  • An included index card holder on the flap cover enables swift slide categorization and retrieval, bolstering your workplace efficiency.
  • A carefully integrated cork base gives extra cushioning protection to avoid any scratches or potential damage to your stored slides.

Apposite Applications

No matter the type of your institution - a clinical lab, a research facility, or an academic environment, the Robust Microscope Slide Storage Box (A Set of 10) is a secure, efficient and reliable solution for systematic slide storage.

Packaging Confirmation

Each package contains 10 independently packed Robust Microscope Slide Storage Boxes, each deliberately structured to safely hold up to 100 slides.

Pertinent Product Specifications

  • Total Weight: Approximate 12kg.
  • Total Volume: Approximately 90dm3.
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