Reusable Heavy Duty PVC Boots - Size 43 | Ultimate Safety and Durability Footwear

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Reusable Heavy Duty PVC Boots – Size 43 | Durable & Versatile Safety Boots

  • Material: Crafted from resistant PVC for superior durability and lifespan.
  • Size: Comfortable fit in Size 43 (EU).
  • Height Specs: Usable height between 37-39.5 cm for multi-purpose applications.
  • Aesthetic: Sports bright green upper and black outsole for an appealing visual.
  • Design: Smooth wear and removal facilitated by polyester fiber lining.
  • Insole: Provided with a detachable insole for added comfort.
  • Resistance: Built to resist water, oil, acids, and alkalis.
  • Safety: Ensures utmost safety with anti-slip, puncture, and abrasion resistance features.
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Explore Ultimate Safety with Our Reusable Heavy Duty PVC Boots - Size 43

Introducing our sturdy and versatile Reusable Heavy Duty PVC Boots - Size 43, your safety companion for hazardous environments. Designed to last, these boots promise unlimited durability and unparalleled comfort. With rugged PVC construction, they withstand toughest conditions while ensuring utmost safety and efficiency.

  • Superior Durability: Made from highly resilient PVC, our boots ensure prolonged usage and exceptional resistance against water, oil, acids, and alkalis, handling all challenging situations with ease.
  • Perfect Fit Size 43 (EU): Experience unmatched comfort with these EU Size 43 boots, tailored for a comfortable fit for prolonged wear, without any compromise on safety.
  • Optimal Coverage: With a height span of 37-39.5 cm, our boots provide maximum coverage to keep your feet dry, clean, and shielded.
  • Stylish Design: Our boots sport an eye-catching green upper and a black outsole, combining safety with style.
  • Easy Wear: Our PVC boots offer effortless slide-in and removal experience with a comfortable polyester fiber lining. The removable insole caters to individual comfort requirements.
  • Enhanced Protection: Designed with anti-slip, puncture, and abrasion resistance features, these boots ensure top-notch safety in hazardous environments.


Every pair of boots is meticulously packaged in a see-through plastic bag. The label showcases important information such as product name, reference, manufacturer, size, and storage conditions in English.

Note: Always store in a dry, upright position in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and corrosive substances.

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