Pack of 20 A5 Exercise Books - Sustainable & Arabic Compatible

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Featuring the 48 Pages A5 Arabic-Compatible Exercise Books, ideal for academic usage, particularly Arabic language studies for grades 1-8. This pack consists of 20 exercise books, each offering 48 finely ruled pages for comprehensive note-taking. Compact and comfortable being A5 size (210mm x 148mm), these books are convenient for daily educational use. They are produced by 75% recovered paper fibers, signifying an eco-friendly choice. The saddle stitch binding contributes to the longevity of the books and a Pantone cool grey 5 print lends a professional look. Each book is safeguarded with a 40-micron PP shrink wrap. In the interest of safety, product doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals that require reference to CAS numbers or chemical formulas.

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Detailed Description of '48pgs A5 Exercise Books with Arabic Compatibility - Pack of 20'

An exceptional learning tool designed precisely for academic use, the '48pgs A5 Exercise Books with Arabic Compatibility - Pack of 20' merges functionality with sustainability, offering plenty of room for various writing requirements while preserving our planet's resources.

Product Attributes

  • Convenient A5 Size: The 210mm x 148mm measurement of each notepad ensures easy portability, fitting into school bags and pouches conveniently.
  • Eco-Durability: Made of 75% recycled paper fibers, these notebooks exhibit exceptional durability, making them resilient to daily wear and tear.
  • Ample Writing Space: Each book comprises 48 pages or 24 sheets, offering extensive space for note taking and organization.
  • Elegant Design: Single-color printing in Pantone cool grey 5 gives the books a sophisticated aesthetic appeal.
  • Ergonomic Line Spacing: The notebooks feature 8mm lines, providing a perfect balance for neat and comfortable writing.
  • Sustainable Cover: The 75% recycled paper fibers of the cover, together with its cyan-blue printing and water-based glossy varnish, gives it a stylish yet environmentally friendly characteristic.
  • Sturdy Binding: A durable saddle stitch along the 210mm length ensures the security of the sheets within the notebook.
  • Wide Versatility: These books are a perfect companion for Arabic Student Kit Grades 1-8, catering to diverse writing needs.

Packaging and Delivery

The exercise books are securely shrink-wrapped in robust 40-micron PP material, guaranteeing protection during transit and a pristine condition upon arrival.

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