A5 Exercise Book : Perfect Notebook for Students and Professionals

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An A5 Exercise Book, Ruled Notebook: Essential Companion for Students and Professionals. This practical, eco-conscious notebook is designed for portability and durability, featuring an A5 size of 210mm x 148mm. It consists of 48 pages of 70gsm noncoated paper with an 8mm ruling for neat, organized writing. A sturdy 140gsm cover, made from 75% recycled paper fibers, enhances sustainability.

  • A5 Size: Compact and portable, perfect for on-the-go uses.
  • Quality Pages: Offers 48 pages of 70gsm noncoated paper for a smooth writing experience.
  • Eco-Friendly: The 140gsm cover comprises 75% recovered paper fibers, contributing to a greener environment.
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A5 Exercise Book, Ruled Notebook: Essential Companion for Students and Professionals

The importance of note-keeping whether you are a student or a professional cannot be over-emphasized. Our A5 Exercise Book, Ruled Notebook is designed to satisfy your need for organized note-taking while offering an impressive structure. It’s compact, durable and embedded with features that make it ideal for your study and work environment.

Ideal Size for Portability

Each book measures 210mm in length and is 148mm wide, forming an A5 size that is easy to carry and store. It fits perfectly into your bag without taking up too much space.

Eco-friendly Materials

Our exercise book is made from 70gsm non-coated paper, 75% of which are recovered paper fibers, presenting an eco-friendly and sustainable option for your note-writing needs. The book’s cover, made up from sturdy 140gsm material with 75% recycled fibers, not only guards the pages inside, but does so in an environmentally responsible way.

Quality and Durability

This book offers 48 homogenously produced and wrinkle-free pages, providing you with smooth, readable, and easy-to-write-on surfaces. The durable cover is printed in Cyan blue with a water-based glossy varnish creating an aesthetically pleasing feel. Further, the book's reliability is enhanced by the saddle stitch finishing using stainless steel along the 210mm side.

Chic Organization

The A5 Exercise Book presents a sophisticated design with pages ruled at an 8mm distance. The lack of margins on the left, right, and bottom but with an 18mm top margin makes for a unique design that encourages neat and structured note-taking.

Packaging and Value

Packaged in a pack of 20, the books are wrapped in a 40 micron PP shrink pack, ensuring they arrive in an impeccable condition at your doorstep.

Included in Comprehensive Academic Kit

This notebook forms a crucial part of the S9935019 School in a Bag kit, providing a comprehensive arrangement for your academic requirements.

This A5 Exercise Book, Ruled Notebook is certainly more than just another stationery item. It’s an essential companion crafted for both students and professionals, that fosters organizational skills and a productive habit of note-taking.

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