Eco-Friendly A5 Exercise Book: Quality, Durability & Sustainability Combined

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Introducing the Eco-Friendly A5 Exercise Book: a perfect companion for academic tasks and sustainable note-taking. Key features include:

  • A5 Size: Easy to carry and perfect for school, office, or personal use.
  • 5mm Square Grid Design: Ideal for math, science, and complex problem solving.
  • 48 Pages (24 Sheets): Ample space for various subjects, courtesy of 75% recycled paper.
  • Durable 140GSM Cover: With an elegant Pantone Cool Grey 5 recto/verso print.
  • Shrink-wrapped pack of 20: Conveniently packaged for preservation, perfect for individual needs or as part of the ‘School in a Bag’ set.

With its emphasis on durability, portability, and sustainability, make note-taking a breeze with this environment-friendly solution.

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Eco-Friendly A5 Exercise Book: Durable, Portable & Sustainable Note-taking Solution

Embrace the privilege of superior quality with sustainability, presenting the Eco-friendly A5 Exercise Book, your perfect partner for academic and professional pursuits. Bundled in a pack of 20, these exercise books are designed thoughtfully to incorporate user-friendly sizes and sharp printing quality whilst advocating eco-friendly materials, signifying a seamless blend of functionality and durability.

Recycled Paper, High in Quality

Our A5 exercise books are crafted from 75% recycled, 70 GSM paper, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and relentless quality. Even though it's recycled, it doesn't compromise on the paper's robustness and reliability, endorsing its supreme suitability for daily use. With 48 pages in each book, it provides abundant space for your note-taking or sketching needs.

Designed For Precision with 5mm Square Grid

Presentation matters, and therefore our books feature a distinctive 5mm square grid layout that prioritizes precision. Be it complex mathematical equations, intricate town planning assignments, or whimsical sketching, every page serves versatile uses beyond the ordinary lined pages.

Robust Cover and Exemplary Finishing

Accompanying the high-quality pages, the exterior showcases a sturdy 140 GSM cover – made from the same 75% recycled paper. The saddle-stitch binding ensures the longitudinal alignment of pages, reflecting a clean, professional aesthetic. The cool-grey 5 Pantone shade on the cover amplifies the visual appeal and complements your writings or sketches.

Versatile and Compact A5 Size

True to the standard A5 dimensions (210mm x 148mm), these exercise books prove to be stellar companions for individuals preferring portability without skimping on space for creative expression. Easy to tote in handbags or school bags, these books consolidate quality and convenience.

Convenient and Protective Packaging

The twenty exercise books are shrink-wrapped together, adding a layer of protection from dust or climate-induced damage. They can also be purchased as part of an inclusive 'School in a Bag' set, offering a comprehensive solution for academic needs.

Embark on a sustainable journey with our eco-friendly A5 exercise book, a nod to enduring quality and environmental consciousness, making note-taking a fulfilling experience.

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