Pack of 10 Durable and Eco-Friendly A4 Size Exercise Books - Perfect for Writing, Drawing, and Graphing

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Pack of 10 Durable, Eco-Friendly A4 Size Exercise Notebooks: These A4 lined notebooks are perfect for a range of uses like note-taking, project planning, or journaling. Each pack includes 10 books. Main features include:
  • Size: A4, offering ample space for various applications.
  • Pages: 96 square-lined pages per book for precision writing.
  • Material: Made of 75% recycled paper fibers, promoting sustainability.
  • Durability: Book covers are semi-coated for protection against wear and tear.
Suitable for students, professionals, and anyone seeking an effective organizational tool.
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Stay on Top of Your Tasks with Durable and Eco-Friendly A4 Size Exercise Books

Whether you're a student, professional, avid journal writer, or a hard-working individual in any capacity, this pack of 10 quality A4 exercise books is the ideal solution to all your writing needs. Each book, precisely measured at 210 mm x 297 mm, comes with square lines on 96 pages, providing a grand total of 960 pages across all the books. It’s tailored to cater to all your writing, drawing, and comprehensive graphing needs with care for the environment in mind.

The exercise books boast a high-quality paper design, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of long-term use. What's more impressive is that this robust design is complemented by a 75% constitution of recovered paper fibers. This not only ensures a minimized carbon footprint but also fosters a culture of eco-consciousness and sustainability.

Designed with sturdy, one side coated covers, these books are crafted to resist the typical wear and tear of daily use. Their durability makes them perfect for students and professionals. Plus, the conscientious design of the covers, like the pages inside, include 75% recovered paper fibers to maintain their eco-friendly commitment.

Key Features

  • A total of 960 pages across 10 books offering plenty of space for your projects.
  • 5 mm square lines on every page for neat note-taking and graphing.
  • Paper of undisputed quality made from 75% recovered paper fibers, aligned with sustainability values.
  • Durable, one side coated covers designed to resist daily wear and tear.
  • Utility is wide-ranging from professional uses to personal ones like journaling and keeping track of personal projects.

It's time to step up your performance, keep your tasks well organized, and contribute to sustainability with these A4 exercise books. Write, sketch, plot, and do much more than you ever thought you could with a writing book. The pack promises to meet all your writing demands while ensuring that you leave a minimal carbon footprint.

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