Child-sized Infection Control Body Bag - Ultimate Containment Solution for Infectious Remains

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High-Quality Child-sized Infection Control Body Bag – Ultimate Containment Solution

  • Size & Capacity: Specifically designed for children, measuring 150 x 80 cm, and can hold up to 90 kg.
  • Material: Constructed with durable, eco-conscious PEVA that is resistant to punctures and tears.
  • Infection Control: Provides essential containment for harmful contagions such as Ebola and Cholera.
  • Absorption: Integrated pad capable of absorbing up to 5 liters of fluid, tolerates 0.5% chlorine solutions.
  • Compliance: Conforms to OSHA regulation 3130 for protection against bloodborne pathogens.
  • Enhanced Features: Features include leak-proof, heat-sealed seams and a minimum storage life of 5 years. Each bag is separately packaged and labeled.
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Introducing the high-quality 'Child-sized Infection Control Body Bag', a one-of-a-kind containment solution for safe handling and transit of children's remains suffering from infectious diseases like Ebola and Cholera. Designed meticulously to meet the pressing needs of hospitals, mortuaries, funeral homes, and other medical facilities, this body bag stands out for its superior design and robust performance in disease management.

Key Product Features:

  • Durable: This body bag demonstrates exceptional puncture and tear resistance, assuring secure handling even under challenging conditions.
  • No Leakage: Crafted with heat-sealed seams of at least 5mm width, the bag offers zero leakage risks, safeguarding the environment.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The body bag is made from non-degradable, chloride and carbon-free PEVA, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • High Capacity: Despite its dimension (150 x 80 cm), the body bag robustly supports a minimum weight of 90kg.
  • Easy Identification: The body bag features a transparent pouch for uncomplicated tagging of the remains.
  • Absorbent: The absorbent pad within the bag can sop up a minimum of 5 litres liquid and resists 0.5% chlorine solution.
  • Standards Compliant: Adhering to OSHA regulation 3130 or comparable standards, the body bag provides necessary protection against bloodborne pathogens.
  • Long Shelf Life: This body bag assures a minimum of 5 years shelf life under standard storage conditions.

Every 'Child-sized Infection Control Body Bag' is individually packed with detailed manufacturers' instructions for correct usage. This indispensable tool symbolizes our dedication to supporting those who sustain life.

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