Premium Quality 'Child Body Bag for Safe & Dignified Transportation'

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This Child Body Bag for Safe & Dignified Transportation aims at maintaining respect and dignity during the handling and transfer of a child’s remains. Crafted from 200 microns thick PEVA, it is tear-proof and can hold up to 80 kg.

  • Durable: High-quality PEVA ensures tear-proof and puncture-resistant capabilities.
  • Intuitive: Integrated with a transparent pouch for tags, keeping identification simple.
  • Long-lasting: Composed of materials devoid of chloride and carbon, it maintains integrity for 5 years in soil.
  • Compliant: Meets OSHA regulation 3130 criteria for body fluid and pathogen protection.

For contagious diseases, consider options such as the ‘S0990003: Body bag, infection control, child.’

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The Premium Quality 'Child Body Bag for Safe & Dignified Transportation' serves crucial roles in healthcare and funeral sectors. Designed with the ultimate dignity and respect for deceased children, this body bag offers a vital solution for all handling scenarios. The product measures 120x80cm, making it the perfect size for a child's body transportation. The bag's material, PEVA, intensifies its durability, boasting superior tear and puncture resistance.

The crucial feature of our product is its completely heat-sealed seams. This 100% leak-proof design prevents the spillage or leakage of body fluids, ensuring a clean and safe transportation environment. The child body bag comes with a high-quality black or white zipper, either in a U or J shape, facilitating full-length access and an optional partial opening of up to 25 cm.

The body bag is also non-porous and non-degradable, ensuring it remains intact even when buried in the soil for at least five years. Adherence to safety regulations is a priority. This product strictly conforms to OSHA regulation 3130 for Universal Precautions. It meticulously contains the body fluids and protects against bloodborne pathogens. The body bag also has an impressive carrying capacity of up to 80 kg, ensuring it can safely accommodate children of varying sizes.

Note: This body bag is not recommended for handling contagious diseases like Ebola or Cholera. We suggest using the Body Bag, Infection Control, Child, for infection-control purposes. Always observe local customs for a respectful funeral service.

  • Material: PEVA
  • Size: 120 x 80 cm
  • Capacity: Up to 80 KG
  • Zipper: Black or white; U or J shape
  • Standards: Conforms to OSHA regulation 3130
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