Plastic Beaker Set: 100ml, Heat-Resistant, Set of 6 - Perfect for Clinical Laboratories

SKU: PN-MA-003
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Plastic Beaker Set: 100ml, Heat-Resistant, Set of 6 is made from durable, autoclavable polypropylene and is designed to resist temperatures up to 121°C. Ideal for various laboratory techniques such as mixing, heating, and pouring. Key features:

  • Material: Autoclavable polypropylene designed for high-temperature applications.
  • Capacity: Each beaker holds 100ml with clear embossed graduations from 10ml.
  • Design: Features wide hexagonal base for stability and a spout for precise pouring.
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The Plastic Beaker Set: 100ml, Heat-Resistant, Set of 6 is a comprehensive collection of high-quality laboratory essentials ideal for clinical applications. Each beaker in this set is crafted to meet and exceed the requirements for demanding, high-precision work in laboratory settings.

Key Features:

  • Heat-Resistance: The beakers boast a high heat resistance, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 121C, making them suitable for various handling and heat-related processes.
  • Durable Material: Made from robust polypropylene or equivalent, these beakers possess excellent chemical resistance, ensuring longevity even when confronted with corrosive or harsh substances.
  • User-Friendly Design: Equipped with easy-to-use spouts for smooth, controlled pouring. Embossed measurements ensure accuracy and contribute to effortless operation.
  • Stability: The beakers have a wide hexagonal base, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of accidental tipping.
  • Capacity: The set includes six 100ml beakers, conveniently packaged for laboratory use. They are compact and light, with a package weight and volume of 0.7 kg and 0.0045 m3 respectively, promoting easy handling and storage.

The Plastic Beaker Set: 100ml, Heat-Resistant, Set of 6 is an excellent addition to any clinical laboratory setup, fostering efficiency, versatility, and high performance. With outstanding durability, these beakers ensure smooth operations for all your laboratory needs.

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