High-Quality UNICEF Banner: Ideal for Offices, Conferences, Media Events

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High-quality UNICEF Banner is a perfect partner for office displays, media events, and conferences. It marks their support to UNICEF’s initiatives gracefully.

  • Material: Constructed from highly durable knitted polyester with a minimum of 110 gsm for longevity.
  • Design: Stands out with a strikingly vibrant cyan background and white UNICEF logo for a visually appealing aesthetic.
  • Size: Spacious dimensions of 150×225 cm, ideal for larger spaces.
  • Feature: Includes four strong grommets for seamless and secure hanging.
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High-Quality UNICEF Banner for Offices, Conferences, and Media Events

Our High-Quality UNICEF Banner has been expertly crafted to meet the highest standards of visual identity for UNICEF. Designed to attract attention and stimulate interest, this banner is an excellent tool to emanate UNICEF's mission and core values to a broad audience in different settings – be it an office, a conference, or a media event.

Superior Construction and Design

Built to last, the banner is made using resilient knitted polyester of the minimum weight of 110 gsm to guarantee durability. Measuring a generous 150 x 225 cm, this sizeable banner is sure to capture the onlooker's eye, making it a striking focal point in any environment. Each corner has been professionally finished with grommets to allow easy and secure hanging, contributing to its overall solid construction.

Distinctive Aesthetics

The banner's vibrant cyan blue base combined with the iconic white UNICEF logo is designed to make an impact. This strong color contrast ensures that the UNICEF brand is immediately recognizable, representing the organization's identity perfectly.

Environmentally Responsible Packaging

In our commitment to sustainability, each banner is individually packed in a protective plastic bag, ensuring it remains in pristine condition during shipping.

Perfect Weight and Dimensions for Various Venues

With an estimated weight of just 0.77kg and a volume of approximately 0.317 cbm, this lightweight banner is easy to manage and suitable for considerable spaces. These balanced dimensions make the banner perfect for furthering UNICEF's mission and values in multiple, varied spaces.

The High-Quality UNICEF Banner is perfect for anyone seeking to promote UNICEF's global mission and brand. By choosing this banner, you are guaranteed a visually impactful and high-quality promotional tool that is not only functional but also represents the values and identity of a world-renowned organization.

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