High-Quality 100ml Sterile Water Sampling Bags - Efficient and Accurate Sampling Solution

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Premium 100ml Sterile Water Sampling Bags – Efficient Water Sampling Solution

  • Resilient Polyethylene Material: Excellently suited for consistent water sample collection in diverse sectors
  • Leak-resistant & Automatically Standable: Guarantees perfect sample stability and preservation
  • Secure Airtight Cover: Features a user-friendly seal system
  • Endorsed by EPA: Appropriate for reliable sample conservation
  • Designated Fill Lines: Incorporates precise measurement markings for accuracy
  • Painless Identification: Equipped with a write-on section for straightforward labeling
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for environmental surveillance and treatment of wastewater
  • Large Quantity Availability: Supplied in packs containing 500 units, catering to high volume demands
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Gain Efficiency in Your Water Testing with Premium 100ml Sterile Water Sampling Bags

Ensuring the purity of water samples is a critical task for professionals in laboratories and field environments. Our High-grade 100ml Sterile Water Sampling Bags are specifically designed to streamline this process with their durable construction, superior sterility, and practical self-standing design. Whether you are a researcher, scientist, or a professional in water testing, these bags provide an accurate and efficient solution to your water sampling needs.

Product Highlights:

  • Robust Construction: These bags are made from sturdy polyethylene ensuring exceptional durability for all types of sampling expeditions.
  • Sterility Compliance: Meeting the quality standards set by EPA, these bags retain the purity of the samples over extended periods.
  • Practical Usability: The self-standing design simplifies the water sampling process by enabling easy filling, storing, and transporting of samples.
  • Secure Sealing: Equipped with a foldable tap, the bags offer foolproof sealing, keeping the samples safe from spillages and potential contamination.
  • Precision: Clearly marked for 100ml and 4oz, these bags guarantee precise measurements, essential for obtaining reliable results.
  • Efficient Labeling: Printable strips facilitate easy labeling and quick sample identification, streamlining the sample processing process.

Product Description:

  • Size and Dimension: The bags, measuring 3 inches in width x 7-1/4 inches in length (7.5 x 18.5 cm), provide an ample space for comfortable sample collection.
  • Durable Thickness: A thickness of 2.5mil (0.064mm) ensures the bags’ firmness even during demanding transportation conditions.
  • Quantity: The bags are available in packs of 500, making them suitable for high-volume sampling needs without compromising the budget.

For professionals and researchers requiring accuracy, efficiency, and convenience in their water sampling tasks, our 100ml Sterile Water Sampling Bags are an essential tool. Combining quality material with a practical design and convenient features, these bags promise a professional-grade water sampling experience.

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