Large Re-Sealable Plastic Bags (500 Pack): Long-lasting, Convenient Storage Solution

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Provide a high-quality and versatile solution to various storage concerns with this set of Large Resealable Plastic Bags. Crafted from resilient low-density polyethylene, these multi-use bags offer a sealable convenience and an effortless labelling area. Perfect for varying applications, their large size (approximately 15x30cm) ensures abundant capacity. Each pack contains 500 resealable bags, making it an ideal choice for diverse settings, including laboratories. The product’s estimated weight is around 1.0kg with an approximate volume of 0.004m3.

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Large Re-Sealable Plastic Bags - Box of 500: Durable, Convenient, and Versatile Storage Solution

Our Large Re-Sealable Plastic Bags enrich your storage and transportation experience with supreme convenience and durability. Created from premium-grade low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these bags are designed to provide excellent longevity and flexibility, making them a reliable companion for versatile applications.

Not only do they excel in functionality, but our bags also come with an easy sealable and re-sealable feature. The utilization of this facility drastically reduces any loss of contents and thus enhances item safety. Plus, the writable white opaque area on each bag provides an easy labeling option to organize your items efficiently.

The sleek black color adds a sophisticated touch to these functional bags. With the dimensions of 15x30cm, they are suitable for a plethora of applications ranging from basic laboratories to reference centers.

These bags come neatly packed in a box of 500, each bag being easy to store and transport owing to its light weight (1.0kg per unit) and small volume (0.004m3 ).

As with all our products, we recommend following the manufacturer's guidelines for waste disposal to maintain our commitment to high standards.

Key Features

  • Durable and flexible, made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Feature-rich with easy seal and reseal capability
  • Writable, white, opaque area for easy labeling and organization
  • Stylish black color for a sleek appearance
  • Large size (15x30cm) for highly versatile use
  • Convenient box of 500 for easy storage and transport

Choose our Large Re-Sealable Plastic Bags for a storage and transportation solution that blends functionality with style.

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