Large Resealable Plastic Bags - All-purpose, Durable & Attractive Storage Solution | Box of 100

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Experience enhanced storage capabilities with our Large Resealable Plastic Bags. Crafted from durable low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these bags provide dependable storage and transportation solutions.
Key features include:

  • Quantity: Each box contains 100 proficiently sealed bags.
  • Convenience: Features a writable surface for swift content identification.
  • Design: Developed in a sleek black color, each bag has 15x30cm dimensions, suitable for various lab applications.
  • Packaging: The primary unit holds 1 box of 100 bags, weighs around 1.0kg, and consumes a 0.004m3 volume.
  • Guidelines: Please adhere to the manufacturer’s waste disposal instructions.
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Large Resealable Plastic Bags – Your Reliable Storage Solution

Meet our Large Resealable Plastic Bags – the ideal marriage of functionality and design, brought to life to cater to your diverse storage needs. Sold in a fridge-friendly box of 100, these bags are an indispensable asset for homes, offices, and laboratories alike.

Made with industrial-grade Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), these bags promise lasting quality and sturdy storage. They strike a perfect balance between resilience and adaptability, boasting an uncompromised resistance to wear and tear while providing dynamic storage solutions, thanks to their resiliency and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting LDPE Construction: Enhancing the longevity of your investments, these bags ensure a durable and reusable storage solution for all your essentials.
  • Easy to Seal: The pressure seal-closing mechanism guards against unintentional spillages and leaks, promising an efficient, secure, and worry-free storage of your valuable items.
  • Writable Panel: Facilitating easy identification, these bags come with a white, writable panel, lending a hassle-free process and optimized organization.
  • Elegant Design: The sleek black color adds an underlined touch of sophistication and cleverly hides any accidental stains or spills.
  • Ample Size: The impressive dimensions of 15x30 cm ensure enough space for all your essentials – documents, stationery, food items, and much more.


With a design that aligns with industry standards, our Large Resealable Plastic Bags are suitable for both individual and professional applications. Ensuring utmost safety and environmental protection, these bags are simple to use and easy to dispose of, as per the manufacturer guidelines.

Packaging Details

The packaging includes a hefty set of 100 Large Re-sealable Plastic Bags, catering to all your long-term storage needs. With a compact volume of 0.004m3 and weight of approximately 1.0 kg, these bags ensure the ease of storage and transportation, making every aspect as convenient as possible.

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