Accuracy Ensured with Compact Dry EC Plates for Bacterial Testing

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Compact Dry EC Plates deliver accurate bacterial testing in water, focusing on E. coli and Coliform bacteria detection. Leveraging a Direct Culture-based test, these plates advance diagnostics and streamline laboratory workflows.

  • Adept Detection: Identifies both E. coli and coliform bacteria with precision.
  • Effective Result Visualization: Employs dual chromogenic enzyme substrates for clear data interpretation.
  • User-friendly: Pre-prepared plates, easy rehydration process, and room-temperature storage offer convenience.
  • Abundant Supply: Each box contains 1404 plates, ensuring a steady supply for routine testing.
  • Durable: Features a long shelf life of up to 18 months post-manufacture.
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Compact Dry EC Plates for Accurate Bacterial Testing - Redefining Precision in Bacteriological Analysis

Compact, easy-to-use, and offering unparalleled accuracy, the Compact Dry EC Plates are revolutionizing bacterial testing. Specifically designed for the detection of E. coli and coliform bacteria in drinking water, these plates offer safety assurance like no other product in the market.

Why Choose Compact Dry EC Plates?

  • Pre-sterilized and Ready to Use: Each plate is sterilized with a culture medium and a water-soluble gelling agent, ensuring standardized, accurate results every time.
  • Chromogenic Substrates for Accuracy: The integrated Magenta-GAL and X-GLUC facilitate precise bacterial identification with visual differentiation, leaving no room for errors.
  • Simple Rehydration Process: Just add 1mL of your sample and incubate for 20-24 hours at 35 degrees Celsius. This straightforward process results in rapid, efficient testing.
  • Economical and Easy Storage: Can be stored at a comfortable room temperature ranging from 1-30 degrees Celsius, eliminating the need for costly refrigeration.
  • Long Shelf-life: Remains efficient for 18 months post-manufacturing, sustaining long-term use and reducing waste.
  • Bulk Packaging: With each box containing 1404 plates, these kits cater to both small and large scale testing needs.

Compact Dry EC Plates are the preferred choice amongst global labs for their efficiency, ease of use, and uncompromising accuracy. Choose Compact Dry EC Plates for assured safety and unmatched precision in your drinking water analysis.

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