Highly Efficient Automatic Dregs Squeezing Device for Enhanced Herbal Extraction

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Optimize your herbal extraction process with the Highly Efficient Automatic Dregs Squeezing Device. An automated tool that handles hot dregs safely and improves efficiency. A computer-managed system that mitigates human error to maximize safety.

  • Automates: Process stages from feeding to auto clearing
  • Reduces: Dependence on manual intervention, minimizing human error and risk
  • Relevance: Complies with GMP standard requirements, ensuring reliable product quality and safety
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Superlative Efficiency with the Automatic Dregs Squeezing Device for Herbal Extraction

Presenting our revolutionary Automatic Dregs of Decoction Discharging Squeezing Device, specifically engineered to amplify both safety and efficiency in your herbal extraction procedures. Skilled handling of hot dregs during the extraction process can be challenging and perilous – this product is the game-changing solution to manage those risks while significantly improving your operation's productivity and safety.

Our device automates the entire workflow, from feeding and watering to extraction, filtration, and auto-clearing. By being fully computer-controlled, human error is substantially mitigated, and user risk is significantly reduced. This innovative solution strictly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard requirements, providing a combination of premier performance and compliancy.

Key Features:

  • Efficient management of hot dregs during the extraction process, enhancing safety.
  • Full automation of extraction procedures such as feeding, watering, extracting, circulating, tapping, discharging, filtration, dregs squeezing, and auto-clearing.
  • Complete computer control, minimizing human error and heightening safety levels.
  • Strict compliance with GMP standard requirements for guaranteed quality and reliability.

Meticulously designed with precision, our device meets ISO and CE certifications, and stands out in terms of quality and refinement. Boasting a sturdy build for long-lasting efficiency, this device eases workflow and is a worthwhile investment for all your extraction operations.

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