High-Efficiency AMF Panel for Diesel Generator Sets

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Maximize operational efficiency with the High-Efficiency AMF Panel, expertly designed for Diesel Generator Sets. Guarantees constant power supply, making it the perfect solution for unexpected power outages. Its advanced microprocessor-based control system ensures precise and accurate performance.

  • Voltage: Functional within a wide voltage spectrum of 220-415V AC, and adapatable to a frequency band of 50/60Hz
  • Control System: Incorporates sophisticated microprocessor technology for maintaining operational accuracy
  • Protection: Integrated overload protection to secure your systems from electrical surges
  • Enclosure: Dustproof and weatherproof architecture that is additionally IP54 rated; safe for indoor and outdoor installations
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High-Efficiency AMF Panel for Diesel Generator Sets: Ensuring Uninterrupted Power with Prometen Reliability

Experience the advantage of always-on power with our high-efficiency Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panel specifically designed for diesel generator sets. Our AMF panels ensure a seamless transition to generator power during electrical outages, disrupting your operations by no more than 10 milliseconds. Engineered with exceptional features, our AMF panels incorporate reliable, efficient energy solutions that adapt to the bespoke needs of diverse operations.

Superior Product Features

  • Exclusively designed for diesel generator sets
  • Automated switch to generator power during mains failure in less than 10 milliseconds
  • Smooth transition guaranteeing continuous electricity supply
  • Advanced microprocessor-based system for accurate operations

Dedicated to Technological Excellence

  • Suits a wide operating voltage range of 220-415V AC, catering to various voltage requirements
  • Operates at 50/60Hz, adhering to diverse international electrical standards
  • Proffers a rated current operation of up to a whopping 1000A
  • Incorporates a microprocessor-based system for precise functioning

Safety and Durability: Our Cornerstones

  • Packed with overload, short circuit, overvoltage, and undervoltage protection mechanisms
  • Enclosed in an IP54 rated quality housing, offering dust and weather protection, thus enhancing the product lifespan

Trust our expertly crafted AMF panel to maintain a steady power supply even in the throes of electrical outages. Its automatic activation ensures the consistent output of your diesel generator, making it a crucial part of your energy solution.

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