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Airway Guedel Size 4: Superior, Sterile Airway Management Solution

  • Design: Oro-pharyngeal Guedel airway, specialized for efficient airflow during emergency care and anesthesia procedures.
  • Material: Composed of Polyethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ensuring resilience and patient safety.
  • Size & Marker: Size 4, approximately 90mm in length. Integrated with colour-coded markers for easy identification.
  • Sanitization: Meticulously sterilized using ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation, intended for single-patient use.
  • Handling: Lightweight and compact (approx. 0.020kg, 0.28cdm), perfect for mobility. Store away from extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity.
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Airway Guedel Size 4: Advanced Single-Use Sterile Airway Aid for Superior Patient Care

Designed to deliver exceptional safety and comfort, Airway Guedel Size 4 is an unrivaled airway management tool that seamlessly combines innovation and practicality. Our top-of-the-line emergency care and anesthesia aid uses a special blend of polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate (EVA-PVC) to craft a semi-rigid airway aid that not only maintains airway patency but also dramatically reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to its single-use attribute.

Produced with utmost precision, Airway Guedel Size 4 focuses on delivering quality, safety, and convenience in every detail:

  • A cutting-edge sterilization process using ethylene oxide or gamma radiation provides unparalleled sterility straight from the package.
  • Color-coding on flange facilitates quick, accurate size identification, a boon in time-sensitive, critical situations.
  • A perfect fit for adult patients with an approximate length of 90 mm, it ensures comfort and effective care.
  • Uniquely designed for single-patient usage to eliminate concerns of cross-contamination.
  • Dagger-like design effectively inhibits tongue movement, ensuring the patient's airway remains clear.
  • An indispensable component of the S9908400 Basic Resuscitation Kit, a must-have for every emergency response team.
  • Buccal end is reinforced for enhanced strength, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Compact footprint - lightweight (approx. 0.020 kg) and low volume (0.28 cdm) - assures easy storage, transportation, and inclusion in emergency kits.
  • Extended shelf life (60 months) promises long-term readiness and optimal value.

Healthcare professionals can trust Airway Guedel Size 4 for reliability in even the most challenging environments. Whether in a hospital, clinic or first-aid setup, this airway aid serves superbly to enhance the caregiving experience by delivering safety and efficacy at every step.

Key Features Summary:

  • Semi-rigid construction from high-quality polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate (EVA-PVC).
  • High sterilization standards with ethylene oxide or gamma radiation.
  • Color-coded for rapid size identification.
  • Perfectly sized (90 mm) for adult patients.
  • Single-use design ensuring optimal hygiene and safety.
  • Effectively controls tongue, maintaining clear airway.
  • Integral component of S9908400 Basic Resuscitation Kit.
  • Reinforced buccal end for durability.
  • Suitable for hospitals, clinics, and first-aid use.
  • Light and compact for easy storage and transportation.
  • A minimum guaranteed shelf life of 60 months.
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