Berlinger Fridge-tag 2: Premium Vaccine Storage Temperature Logger

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Product: Berlinger Fridge-tag 2: This leading 30-Day Temperature Logger is expertly designed for maintaining vaccine integrity. Its precise temperature recording features, coupled with factory-set alarms, ensure stable conditions for vaccine storage.

  • Type: Fitted with a non-adjustable alarm system to constantly maintain required temperatures.
  • An accessible and user-friendly LCD display to guarantee easy monitoring.
  • Operates optimally within a temperature range of -20°C to 20°C.
  • Works on a non-exchangeable lithium coin cell battery, ensuring a 42-month operational life.
  • Reliable IP64 rating offers resistance against dust and water intrusion.
  • The product is covered by a robust two-year warranty, safeguarding against non-mechanical-defect component damages.
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Berlinger Fridge-tag 2: The Gold Standard in Vaccine Storage Temperature Monitoring

With the escalating importance of vaccines in public health, the need for meticulous storage and efficient management of these critical assets is paramount. The Berlinger Fridge-tag 2, a sophisticated digital temperature logger, has been exclusively designed to fulfill this vital role. In real-time, the device persistently observes, documents, and signals temperature discrepancies over an uninterrupted 30-day cycle. This flawless process preserves the potency and safety of vaccines and assures optimal cold chain management.

Superior Features:

  • Embedded factory-set alarms for real-time alerts of temperature transgressions, allowing continuous and comprehensive cold chain management.
  • A versatile operating temperature range from -20°C to 55°C, catering to various vaccine storage requirements.
  • Abides by precision standards with a deviation tolerance of only ±0.5°C (-20°C to 20°C), ensuring strict and accurate monitoring.
  • Constructed for endurance, the device enjoys a lifespan of 42 months, made possible by its non-replaceable lithium coin cell.
  • A user-friendly LCD display for effortless reading of key data and alarm violations, ensuring seamless handling of the device.
  • Sports an IP64 rating, indicating high resistance to both particulates and splashes, guaranteeing robust performance and low maintenance.
  • Compact and lightweight with dimensions of 12.8 x 7.5 x 1.9 cm and a weight of 0.112 kg. This makes the device easy to place in even the most space-conscious settings.
  • Offered in cost-effective packs of 50 units, with a provision for larger orders through palletized packaging, suiting various demand needs.
  • Comes with a two-year replacement warranty covering unintentional component breakdowns, reinforcing user confidence.

The Berlinger Fridge-tag 2 is much more than a temperature logger - it's a steadfast partner in preserving the viability of vaccines. With the Berlinger Fridge-tag 2, uphold the highest standard in cold chain management and vouchsafe the safety and potency of stored vaccines.

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