20R-Maxacalcitol: High-Quality Active Ingredient for Advanced Research & Pharmaceutical Industry

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20R-Maxacalcitol is a top-quality active ingredient, ideal for advanced research and pharmaceutical applications. Offering exceptional purity and quality (CAS No. 103909-75-7), it delivers accurate and reliable results. Its Molecular Formula is C38H57FO6. This product is primarily employed in research studies, pharmaceutical formulation development, and drug discovery, making it a reliable choice for researchers, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies.

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20R-Maxacalcitol: Premier-Standard Active Ingredient for Advanced Research & Pharmaceutical Applications

Superior-grade, 100% pure 20R-Maxacalcitol serves as a top-rated active ingredient in scientific studies and pharmaceutical processing. Known for its exceptional purity, it helps produce accurate and consistent research findings, making it a vital addition to pharmaceutical formulations.

Key Features

  • Ultra-pure, for error-free results and better reliability
  • Stringent quality validation for unrivaled effectiveness
  • Broad application in high-end research and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Registered CAS Number: 103909-75-7 for effortless identification and traceability

Product Composition

  • Top-quality 20R-Maxacalcitol as core ingredient

At its core, it houses 20R-Maxacalcitol praised and endorsed by a global consortium of researchers, scientists, and pharmaceutical undertaking developers. This product underscores our steadfast commitment to address the quality-affordability gap in the research and pharmaceutical realm.

20R-Maxacalcitol facilitates the delivery of top-notch quality and reliability in a dynamic setting, thus bolstering the quality of your research or pharmaceutical product. It is crucial to your methodology and plays a vital role in shaping a future where research is flawless and pharmaceutical interventions are safe, dynamic, yet effective.

Demonstrate our unwavering dedication to quality and reliability by purchasing our 20R-Maxacalcitol. It is a testament to the comprehensive world of research and pharmaceutical sector.

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