'Newborn Basic Warmer System': Advanced Solution for Neonatal Care

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Revolutionize Neonatal Care with Newborn Basic Warmer System

  • Advances neonatal care by integrating a warming unit and heated mattress.
  • Deploys a servo-controlled temperature system and a medical-grade, water-resistant PVC heating pad for safety and efficiency.
  • Control unit monitors temperature, system status, and triggers necessary alarms, providing transparency.
  • External battery connector ensures full-functionality during power outages.
  • Dismantling for maintenance is simplified; compatible with standard hospital-grade cleaning products.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty for utmost reliability and trust.
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Introducing the advanced 'Newborn Basic Warmer System' - a revolutionary solution in neonatal care that mimics the warm, secure environment of a mother's womb. Specifically designed to optimize nurturing conditions for newborns, particularly premature ones, this system facilitates essential growth development and enhances the infant's immune system. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, control, and performance. With our trailblazing medical technology, you can ensure utmost safety and care for your patients.

Features and Benefits

  • The Ultimate Conductive Warming Unit: Experience superior comfort with a meticulously designed frame, heated mattress, and conductive heating unit that recreates womb-like conditions.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Our unique servo-controlled temperature mechanism automatically adjusts warmth according to the newborn's skin temperature, providing perfect heat regulation, accuracy, and safety.
  • Comfortable, Flexible Heating Pad: Wrapped in a non-conductive, waterproof PVC, the flexible heating pad delivers added warmth and comfort.
  • Efficient Water Mattress: The premium-quality, medical-grade PVC water mattress not only enhances the temperature control process but also provides a leak-proof solution.
  • User-friendly Control Unit: A smart control unit with an integrated display lets caregivers monitor operational status, temperature values, and alarms effortlessly, enabling the maintenance of an optimal environment for the baby always.
  • Uninterrupted Operation: An external battery connector ensures continuous warmth even during power outages, offering uninterrupted comfort and safety.
  • Easy to Maintain: The system requires minimal effort for maintenance and can be cleaned using hospital-grade cleaning agents, ensuring hygiene.

Our compact, efficient 'Newborn Basic Warmer System' is a lightweight model weighing just 7 kg and having a volume of 60.00 dm³. It requires a power input of 100-240 Volts - 50/60 Hz. Offering a two-year warranty from the shipping date, it assures quality healthcare around the globe. Upgrade your neonatal care with our innovative solution.

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