tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate - 250mg

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tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate

Discover the exceptional versatility of tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate, a high-purity (Min. 95%) organic compound with a molecular weight of 236.31 g/mol. This unique chemical, bearing the CAS number 1909319-84-1, offers a world of possibilities for your research and development endeavors. Crafted with precision, it boasts a clear, pale liquid form, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications. Unlock the potential of this premium-quality building block and elevate your experiments to new heights, while ensuring proper handling and storage to maintain its exceptional performance.

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tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate

Introducing tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate, a versatile and highly pure chemical compound that holds immense potential for researchers and scientists across various fields. With its unique molecular structure and exceptional quality, this compound is poised to unlock new possibilities in pharmaceutical development, agrochemical innovation, and advanced material synthesis.

Exceptional Purity and Characteristics

tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate, identified by its CAS number 1909319-84-1, is a meticulously crafted compound that boasts a purity of at least 95%. Its molecular formula, C13H20N2O2, and a molecular weight of 236.31 g/mol, give it a distinct chemical profile that can be leveraged in a wide range of applications.

This compound presents as a white solid, with a characteristic amino and methyl substituents on the phenyl ring, as well as a tert-butyl carbamate group. Its unique combination of functional groups and high purity make it a valuable asset in the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs.

Pharmaceutical Research: Unlocking New Possibilities

In the realm of pharmaceutical research, tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate serves as a crucial building block in the synthesis of innovative drug candidates. Its versatile structure allows for the development of targeted therapies that address a spectrum of health conditions, from neurological disorders to metabolic diseases. Researchers can harness the compound's properties to create novel pharmaceutical compounds with improved pharmacological profiles and enhanced therapeutic potential.

Agrochemical Innovation: Cultivating Sustainable Solutions

The agricultural industry also benefits from the unique properties of tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate. This compound is employed as a key intermediate in the synthesis of advanced crop protection agents, such as potent and selective pesticides. By leveraging the compound's distinct molecular structure, researchers can formulate agrochemicals that promote healthier crops, higher yields, and more sustainable farming practices, addressing the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions.

Material Science Advancements: Engineered for the Future

Beyond the realms of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate finds applications in the field of material science. Its versatile chemical properties allow researchers to incorporate it into the development of novel materials with tailored characteristics. These materials may exhibit enhanced mechanical strength, improved thermal stability, or unique optical properties, opening up new possibilities for a wide range of industries, from electronics to aerospace.

Handling and Storage: Ensuring Optimal Stability

To maintain the exceptional quality and purity of tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate, it is essential to handle and store the compound with care. It should be kept in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Following these guidelines will ensure the compound's stability and integrity, allowing researchers to harness its full potential in their scientific endeavors.

Unlock the Possibilities

tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate is a remarkable chemical compound that holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in pharmaceutical research, agrochemical development, and material science innovations. Its unique properties, combined with its exceptional purity, make it a valuable asset for researchers seeking to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

Explore the vast potential of this compound by accessing the comprehensive technical resources and expert support available. Embark on your journey of innovation and let tert-Butyl N-[(3-amino-5-methylphenyl)methyl]carbamate be your guide to groundbreaking advan

  • Formula: C13H20N2O2
  • Mdl: MFCD29762666
  • Molecular weight: 236.31 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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