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Founded by Gurbaksh Chahal

ProcureNet was founded in 2020 by CEO and Chair, Gurbaksh Chahal.

The four-time successful entrepreneur set out to create a leading procurement platform for pharmaceutical materials and vaccine consumables. He quickly became attuned to the fact that the wider global manufacturing industry needed to shape up, and remodeled the ProcureNet approach to factor in the whole global manufacturing picture.

By utilizing his vast network, together with ground-breaking technology, Chahal created the on-demand, end-to-end, manufacturing platform that ProcureNet has become renowned for today. Not only does the platform help to give buyers access to qualitative, value-driven commodities at rapid speed and scale, but it also works to support manufacturers and their communities across the globe.

Make the world a better place

Improving Lives Through Technology

Chahal is committed to creating and nurturing businesses that make the world a better place.

He puts people at the center of his entrepreneurial visions, whether that be creating the tools or processes to help other businesses to thrive, giving end-users access to quality products needed to live their lives, or creating thousands of jobs and career opportunities for individuals across the world.

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The Journey Leading up to ProcureNet

The road to entrepreneurial success began when Gurbaksh Chahal was just 15 years old. From a very young age, he had an eye for business, the ambition to chase after his dreams, and the mindset needed to set him up for success.

Whilst still in high school, Chahal discovered that there was money to be made and means to support his family by selling second-hand printers on eBay. By the time he was 16, he had generated enough money to kickstart and invest in his first entrepreneurial venture, ClickAgents.

In the year 1999, he dropped out of school to pursue a career in the dot-com boom, launching the one-of-its-kind advertising network that focused on performance-based advertising. The company grew at rapid speed, and caught the attention of ValueClick, a NASDAQ company (CNVR), which bought ClickAgents for an impressive $40 million, just 18-months after it was launched.

This was a golden moment for Chahal. He had the taste of entrepreneurial success and set his heart on going after more.

Four years after the sale, he founded his second entrepreneurial venture, BlueLithium. The company specialized in data, optimization, and analytics and soon became an industry pioneer in leveraging behavioral targeting. BlueLithium was named one of the top 100 private companies in America for two years in a row by Always On, and in 2006 received the highest honors at the Top Innovator of the Year. On September 4th, 2007, Yahoo! announced that it had acquired BlueLithium for $300 million.

The next venture came in 2009 in the form of RadiumOne. Before not too long, Chahal’s third start-up became one of the fastest programmatic platforms leveraging social data from around the Web. RadiumOne was acquired in 2017 by RhythmOne, a public company on the London Stock Exchange.

Multiple businesses

The Entrepreneurial Success Story to Date

ProcureNet is one of three business start-ups that Gurbaksh Chahal is currently building from the ground up. He is also Chair and CEO of BNN, Medriva and RedLotus.

The independent news network


In 2022, Chahal founded BNN, (Breaking News Network)

Chahal identified a need to provide citizens with a better and more reliable way of consuming today’s news. BNN strives to revolutionize the way the news is covered, eradicating bias and sharing only factual and accurate information that people need to connect problems to answers.

Working around the clock, BNN covers over 90,000 stories each year in 12 languages.

By providing a space for individuals to raise awareness of important issues that matter to them whilst empowering communities and organizations to make data-led decisions, Chahal is on a mission to help people drive the positive change they want to see in the world.

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Part of the ProcureNet family


Medriva, which is part of the ProcureNet family, was founded in 2021.

Utilizing ProcureNet’s platform and processes, Medriva specializes in manufacturing and distributing medical devices and equipment, led by the core mission to make health more accessible to all. It too has grown quickly and gone on to achieve ground-breaking things over the past 18 months.

The medical supplies company has played a huge role in the worldwide effort to make up for the 2.2 billion shortfall of syringes. When WHO announced that there was a global shortage of lifesaving AD syringes needed to administer vaccines, Medriva got to work quickly, connecting to ProcureNet to manufacture and distribute the syringes at great speed and scale. By February 2022, Medriva had provided 1 billion syringes to WHO, UNICEF, PAHO, and over 20 of its country-partners.

Automate, unlock and leverage data


Chahal founded RedLotus a year prior to ProcureNet, in 2019.

The company exists to assist brands and enterprises in automating, unlocking, and leveraging data through Chahal’s new patented rapid pattern recognition technology, which provides a more sophisticated and holistic approach to customer understanding.

Recognized for his contribution

Awards and Achievements

Throughout his career, Chahal has been recognized for his contribution to technology, entrepreneurship, and education.

In recognition of his success as both an accomplished leader and an entrepreneur, he has received numerous awards, including an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Commercial Science from Pace University, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Leaders in Management Award presented by President Donald Trump, and has participated in President Barack Obama’s technology summits.

Mass production

The Chahal Foundation

Whilst Gurbaksh Chahal has experienced success throughout his career, he remains grounded and humble, placing great importance on remembering where he came from and giving back to society.

In 2012, he committed $1 million to set up The Chahal Foundation. The organization originally spread awareness about the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting. Chahal was shocked and horrified to find out that the racial violence he experienced growing up still existed in modern-day society, but worse, had actually escalated.

With a strong belief that something had to change, he set about sharing a simple, yet strong message: to stop hate, build hope, accept others for who they are, and set an example for future generations.

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10 Year Anniversary

Over the past 10 years, the foundation has continued to grow, positively impacting, inspiring, and changing the lives of people from all walks of life.

By committing to raising awareness, directly investing, and giving back, Chahal and his team at the Foundation focus on supporting and creating positive change in 4 main areas:

  • Supporting disaster relief efforts across the world
  • Providing university scholarships and mentorships
  • Improving education facilities in third world countries
  • Creating awareness of key social issues

Chahal’s ultimate mission is to make the world a better, safer, and fairer place for all.

“I’ve always wanted to make a meaningful impact on the lives of people in different ways. People across the globe. Maybe you think that’s a grandiose statement. But, again, I’ve always believed in thinking big and acting big. It’s the only way to go. It’s the only way I know how to conduct myself.”

Gurbaksh Chahal

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