Semaglutide Impurity 26 - 100mg

REF #: 4Z-PS-189041
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Semaglutide Impurity 26

Discover the exceptional Semaglutide Impurity 26, a high-purity compound with a molecular weight of 377.40g/mol and the chemical formula C21H19N3O4. This versatile impurity, identified by the CAS number 116611-64-4, offers a unique opportunity for advanced research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Meticulously crafted to ensure consistent quality, this impurity provides a valuable tool for understanding the complex chemistry of Semaglutide, a widely used diabetes medication. Handle with care, as this product is intended for laboratory use only and is not meant for human consumption. Unlock the potential of this exceptional impurity and elevate your research to new heights.

  • CAS: 116611-64-4
  • Ref #: 4Z-PS-189041
  • Molecular Weight: 377.40g/mol
  • Formula: C21H19N3O4
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Semaglutide Impurity 26

Semaglutide Impurity 26, with the CAS number 116611-64-4, is a highly specialized and purified chemical compound that plays a crucial role in the research and development of pharmaceutical products. As an impurity associated with the GLP-1 receptor agonist semaglutide, this compound offers valuable insights into the synthesis, characterization, and quality control of this important therapeutic agent.

Semaglutide Impurity 26 presents a molecular formula of C21H19N3O4 and a molecular weight of 377.40 g/mol. Its unique chemical structure, which includes a combination of aromatic rings, nitrogen-containing heterocycles, and various functional groups, makes it a valuable tool for researchers investigating the complex chemistry of semaglutide and its related compounds.

The availability of this impurity in a highly purified form, with a purity level that meets the stringent requirements of research and development, is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the team behind its production. This level of purity ensures that researchers can rely on consistent and reliable results when using Semaglutide Impurity 26 in their studies, ultimately contributing to the advancement of pharmaceutical science and the development of innovative therapies.

Applications in Pharmaceutical Research

Semaglutide Impurity 26 finds its primary application in the pharmaceutical research domain, where it serves as a crucial reference standard and analytical tool. Researchers utilize this compound to:

  • Develop and validate analytical methods for the identification and quantification of semaglutide and its related impurities, ensuring the quality and purity of the final drug product.
  • Investigate the formation, stability, and behavior of semaglutide impurities, providing valuable insights into the manufacturing process and potential degradation pathways.
  • Assess the potential impact of Semaglutide Impurity 26 on the safety, efficacy, and overall quality of semaglutide-based therapies, contributing to the optimization of drug formulations and manufacturing protocols.

Handling and Storage

Semaglutide Impurity 26 is intended for laboratory use only and is not meant for human consumption. Appropriate safety precautions should be taken when handling this compound, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and working in a well-ventilated area.

For optimal storage and preservation of the compound's purity and integrity, it is recommended to store Semaglutide Impurity 26 under long-term storage conditions, as specified by the manufacturer. Maintaining the proper storage environment will ensure the compound's stability and reliability for your research endeavors.

Additional Resources

To further explore the technical details, applications, and safety considerations surrounding Semaglutide Impurity 26, researchers are encouraged to consult the available product documentation, including safety data sheets (SDS) and technical literature. These resources will provide a comprehensive understanding of this specialized compound and support your research efforts in the development of semaglutide-based pharmaceuticals.

  • Molecular Weight: 377.40 g/mol
  • Chemical Formula: C21H19N3O4
  • CAS Number: 116611-64-4
  • Ref #: 4Z-PS-189041
  • Description: Not Found
  • Formula: C21H19N3O4
  • Molecular weight: 377.40
  • Notes: This product is intended for laboratory use only, and it is not meant for human consumption.
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