rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis -

REF #: 3D-JBD28692
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rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis

Discover the exceptional quality of rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis, a high-purity (Min. 95%) chemical compound with a molecular weight of 211.3 g/mol. This versatile building block, identified by the CAS number 1909286-92-5 and Ref # 3D-JBD28692, offers a unique blend of reactivity and selectivity, making it an invaluable tool for your advanced research and synthesis projects. Carefully handle this compound, as it may cause skin and eye irritation. Store in a cool, well-ventilated area to ensure optimal performance and long-term stability. Unlock the potential of this premium-quality chemical and elevate your experiments to new heights.

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rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis

Unlock the versatile potential of rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis, a highly specialized chemical compound with a unique molecular structure. This captivating compound, identified by the CAS number 1909286-92-5, holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in scientific research and development.

Boasting a purity of at least 95%, this rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis, is a meticulously crafted chemical marvel. Its molecular weight of 211.3 g/mol and MDL number MFCD29912969 provide a distinct identity, allowing researchers to seamlessly integrate this compound into their cutting-edge projects.

Unlocking the Potential

The versatility of rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis, lies in its diverse applications across various scientific disciplines. From the realm of pharmaceutical research to the forefront of agrochemical innovation, this compound serves as a valuable building block, enabling the synthesis of novel compounds with enhanced properties and functionalities.

In the pharmaceutical sector, researchers harness the unique structural features of rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis, to develop innovative drug candidates. Its cis configuration and tert-butyl substituent contribute to the creation of targeted therapies, addressing a wide range of health conditions and improving patient outcomes.

The agrochemical industry also benefits from the versatility of this compound. Its integration into the synthesis of advanced crop protection agents helps to enhance the efficacy and selectivity of pesticides, leading to healthier crops and higher yields while minimizing environmental impact.

Unparalleled Quality and Safety

Ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety, rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis, is meticulously produced and handled. Its purity of at least 95% guarantees reliable and consistent results in your research endeavors.

While specific hazard information is yet to be confirmed, it is essential to exercise caution when handling this compound. Adhere to standard laboratory safety protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment and proper ventilation. Consult the available technical resources for detailed safety guidelines and handling instructions to ensure the well-being of your research team and the integrity of your experiments.

Unlock the Possibilities

Embrace the transformative potential of rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis, and unlock new frontiers in your scientific pursuits. Whether you're exploring pharmaceutical breakthroughs, developing innovative agrochemicals, or synthesizing novel materials, this versatile compound can be the key to unlocking groundbreaking discoveries.

Dive into the wealth of technical information and resources available to gain a deeper understanding of this captivating chemical. Leverage its unique properties and collaborate with experts to push the boundaries of what's possible in your field of research. Together, let's embark on a journey of scientific exploration and unlock the full potential of rac-(3aR,6aR)-N-tert-Butyl-octahydropyrrolo[2,3-c]pyrrole-1-carboxamide, cis.

  • Mdl: MFCD29912969
  • Molecular weight: 211.3 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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