ZJ150 Roots Vacuum Pump - Your Industrial Companion for Efficient and Reliable Performance

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The ZJ150 Roots Vacuum Pump is a highly efficient pump, ideal for mid to high vacuum range applications. Used in industrial sectors where vapor and solvent pumping is vital, such as chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. With its ‘*8’ shaped rotors, it provides efficient suction and discharge, while an optimized seal reduces the emulsification of pump oil. It’s designed with a five-mechanical seal structure improving the prevention of oil emulsion and has a resilience against corrosive solvents. The presence of PTFE in the seal assures superior corrosion resistance. Compatibility with a water ring vacuum pump boosts vapor and solvent suction capabilities.

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ZJ150 Roots Vacuum Pump - Efficiency and Reliability Personified

The ZJ150 Roots Vacuum Pump is your ultimate solution for reliability and efficiency in any industrial setting. This product stands out with its excellent performance and the ability to achieve a remarkable middle to high vacuum range, firmly placing it in the elite class of positive displacement pumps.

What sets this pump apart is its operational principle, which is akin to that of a Root fan. It uses '8' shaped rotors that ensure proficient suction and discharge functions. This makes it a vital addition to various mechanical and pharmaceutical operations, especially those requiring substantial pumping of vapor and solvents. With ZJ150, you can count on optimal results every time.

The key features of ZJ150 Roots Vacuum Pump include:

  • A five-mechanical seal structure that strengthens the pump's resistance to oil emulsion and corrosive solvents, thereby improving the performance and durability of the pump.
  • The mechanical seal is enveloped in PTFE, enhancing its capacity to resist corrosion and extend the service life of the pump.
  • The pump's increased vapor and solvent suction capacity is achieved through integration with a water ring vacuum pump, thus delivering amplified performance.
  • Further enhancements in the seal of the bearing housing and gearbox contribute to an efficient reduction in the pump oil emulsification. This, in return, leads to improved execution.

Constructed with the finest precision, ZJ150 Roots Vacuum Pump not only caters to your industrial needs but supersedes them. Remember to specify your requirement for the 'five mechanical seal' design when ordering to ensure this exceptional product meets your specific needs.

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