Zhendre Walk-In Freezer Room - Premium 20m3 Cold Storage Solution

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Zhendre Walk-in Freezer Room – Superior 20m3 Cold Storage Solution, designed to deliver consistent cold temperatures for preserving valuable items. Key features include:

  • Dual Refrigeration: Ensures uninterrupted operations with double backup and protection against overcurrent and overvoltage.
  • Extended Storage: Amply large to efficiently accommodate a range of products.
  • Advanced Insulation: CFC-free sandwich panels outfitted with steel faces and polyurethane foam offer maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Safety & Convenience: Includes LED lights, alarm system, and sturdy shelving. Designed for easy assembly with prefabricated modules.
  • Reliable Support: Comes with a two-year warranty and key spare parts.
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Introducing the superior 'Zhendre Walk-in Freezer Room - Efficient 20m3 Cold Storage Solution', a hallmark of advanced refrigeration technology designed explicitly for the preservation of sensitive materials, such as vaccines. This freezer room is a valuable asset for various sectors ranging from healthcare to food processing, requiring dependable, efficient cold storage solutions.

  • The freezer is built with an exclusive dual refrigeration system, ensuring exemplary temperature control that uniformly preserves materials irrespective of their position in the freezer.
  • The design focuses primarily on user safety by including over-current and over-voltage protection capabilities, demonstrating the delicate balance of safety and efficiency.
  • Despite being exposed to high ambient temperatures of up to 43u00b0C, the freezer operates deftly at an impressive range of -20u00b0C, safeguarding your goods from unfavorable external conditions.
  • The product's modular design is ready-to-install, taking the guesswork out of the installation process. The freezer's external dimensions stand at L=4300 x W=2300 x H=2775 mm, while the internal dimensions are L=4000 x W=2000 x H=2415 mm.
  • It consists of CFC-free sandwich panels that are densified with polyurethane foam and covered in steel for enhanced insulation, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.
  • The freezer is equipped with a comprehensive shelving system, LED lighting, and an alarm system for improved usability and convenience. These additions make access, control, and monitoring of stored materials significantly easier.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty and includes spare parts for two years under standard usage, providing you with a completely worry-free experience.
  • The product adheres to multiple safety standards, underscoring its superior quality and unwavering reliability.

In conclusion, the 'Zhendre Walk-in Freezer Room - Efficient 20m3 Cold Storage Solution' is a veritable powerhouse when it comes to function and safety. It is a superior cold storage solution that significantly enhances operational efficiency for businesses across all sectors.

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