Zhendre WIC Split Type 30m3 Walk-in Cold Room – Superior Vaccine Storage Solution

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Introducing the Zhendre WIC Split Type 30m3 Walk-in Cold Room, a high-performance solution meticulously engineered for effective vaccine storage. Critical features include:

  • Temperature Control: Consistently upholds a temperature of 2u00b0C to 8u00b0C, the preferable range for vaccines.
  • Dual Refrigeration Units: Powered by a 400V/3/50Hz primary energy source, it ensures robust and dependable cooling capabilities.
  • Eco-friendly Refrigeration: Employs R134a refrigerant gas, signifying our commitment to environmental safety.
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures: Integrates overcurrent/voltage safeguards, circuit breakers, and a battery-backed alarm system for uncompromised safety.
  • Support & Maintenance: Provided with a 2-year warranty and spare parts, for hassle-free maintenance and longevity.
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Zhendre WIC Split Type 30m3 Walk-in Cold Room: Your Go-To Vaccine Storage Solution

Reliable, efficient, and large in capacity, the Zhendre WIC Split Type 30m3 Walk-in Cold Room is a high-quality solution for your vaccine storage needs. Designed with a broad temperature range that comfortably serves and preserves vaccine quality, this prefabricated cold room has become a valuable addition for large-scale health facilities and vaccine distribution hubs.

One of the most crucial aspects of vaccine integrity is temperature regulation. With its ability to maintain a controlled environment between 2°C and 8°C even when ambient temperatures soar to as high as 43°C, this cold room ensures the efficacy of the vaccines stored within it.

  • Its dual refrigeration unit ensures uninterrupted operation, guaranteeing consistent temperatures.
  • It prioritizes user safety and device longevity with built-in over current/over voltage protection plus a circuit breaker.
  • Environmentally friendly with its CFC-free refrigerant gas, R134a.
  • Features a high-precision thermostat calibrated to ITS-90 with ± 0.5°C accuracy for precise temperature control.
  • Heat leakage is minimized with CFC-free sandwich panels, further amplifying temperature regulation and energy efficiency.
  • The phenolic resin anti-skid floor enhances the safety of personnel working within the room.
  • Its alarm system has a battery backup feature, promptly detecting and warning users about temperature fluctuations or mechanical failure.
  • With two years’ worth of spare parts included, longevity, seamless operation, and cost-effectiveness are ensured.
  • A two-year warranty for absolute user confidence and ensuring product quality.

Apart from being a robust storage facility, the Zhendre WIC Split Type 30m3 Walk-in Cold Room comes with an uncomplicated installation system. Its prefabricated components are suited for indoor areas like warehouses, making the setup process straightforward. The room's external and internal dimensions have been optimized for superior space utilization and efficient vaccine storage. Its external dimensions measure L=3800 x W=3800 x H=2675 mm, and internal dimensions are L=3600 x W=3600 x H=2415 mm. It is ideally powered by a 400V/3/50Hz electricity mains supply.

With its premium features, unmatched efficiency, and generous two-year warranty, the Zhendre WIC Split Type 30m3 Walk-in Cold Room sets a new standard for vaccine storage solutions.

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