ZAP-70 Tyrosine Kinase Human - 90% Purity (SDS-PAGE) Recombinant Protein

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  • Highly pure ZAP-70 Tyrosine Kinase human protein (90% purity)
  • Recombinant protein expressed in baculovirus infected insect cells (Histidine tagged)
  • Buffered aqueous glycerol solution, ensuring stability and solubility
  • Optimal activity of 150 U/mg
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ZAP-70 Tyrosine Kinase Human - 90% Purity (SDS-PAGE) Recombinant Protein

Introducing our ZAP-70 Tyrosine Kinase Human - a cutting-edge product that is set to revolutionize the field of biochemical research. With its exceptional purity, recombinant nature, and unique composition, this innovative protein offers researchers an indispensable tool in the study of cellular signaling pathways.

Key Features:

  • ZAP-70 Tyrosine Kinase Human: A high-quality protein specifically designed for the study of cellular signaling pathways
  • 90% Purity (SDS-PAGE): Ensures accurate and reliable results in research
  • Recombinant Protein: Engineered for superior performance and versatility in the laboratory
  • Expressed in Baculovirus Infected Insect Cells (Histidine tagged): Optimized protein expression and purification
  • Buffered Aqueous Glycerol Solution: Ensures stability and long-term storage
  • 150 U/mg Activity: A quantifiable measurement of the enzymatic activity of the protein

Unleash the true potential of your research and take it to new heights with our ZAP-70 Tyrosine Kinase Human protein. Whether you are investigating signal transduction pathways, examining protein-protein interactions, or exploring the fascinating world of cellular signaling, our product is your indispensable partner in the pursuit of scientific discovery.

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