YG-ALG-2 Alg Series Filling Machine: Top-notch Ampoule Production Equipment

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(YG-ALG-2) Alg Series Filling Machine: A proficient solution for high-quality ampoule production, offering impeccable performance with its precise peristaltic pump and dual-head filling system. It is compact yet functional, merging ampoule filling and sealing processes on a single platform for efficient production. It can handle varying bottle sizes owing to its precise rack positioning, leading to robust performance. It’s known for its high productivity, furnishing 70-80 ampoules per minute. Operational ease is amplified with an adjustable speed control feature via an inverter. This eco-friendly machine exploits oxygen and natural gas minimizing pollution. It adheres to the GMP standards, meeting stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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YG-ALG-2 Alg Series Filling Machine: The Ultimate Equipment for Premium Ampoule Production

The YG-ALG-2 Alg Series Filling Machine forms an integral part of high-quality ampoule production. A state-of-the-art, meticulously engineered liquid filling, and sealing machine, it is tailored for superior precision and optimum efficiency in injectable liquid ampoule manufacturing. Utilizing single-chip controlled peristaltic pump, the machine’s dual-head filling system guarantees exceptional dosage precision and rapid filling.

The YG-ALG-2 Alg Series Filling Machine, a robust amalgamation of innovative features and enhanced specifications, stands out in delivering top-performance. It is specifically designed aiming at productivity enhancement, wastage reduction and maintaining high accuracy rates. It embodies the following key attributes:

  • A notable production capacity of 70-80bts/min for 5~10Ml ampoules, ensuring optimized output.
  • User-friendly dosage adjustment feature with zero machine stoppage, ensuring uninterrupted production.
  • Incorporation of a unique anti-dripping feature to facilitate clean and professional sealing.
  • Space-efficient design with combined liquid filling and sealing operations.
  • A convenient 'No ampoule no filling' feature and counting function, effectively curbing wastage.
  • Options available to upgrade with a nitrogen filling device and an acrylic glass protection hood or curtain with 100-class laminar flow for additional safety.
  • Strict adherence to GMP specifications, to meet high industry standards of the pharmaceutical sector.

The versatile YG-ALG-2 Alg Series Filling Machine is an indispensable asset for businesses aiming at premium ampoule production. Its meticulously designed features work hand in hand to enhance productivity, minimize waste, and ensure high-precision operation, thus bringing a high standard product that lives up to the expectations of the customers.

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