Yeast Synthetic Drop-out Medium Supplements without Lysine - Selective Cultivation for Yeast Cells

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Yeast Synthetic Drop-out Medium Supplements without lysine

  • Formulated without lysine: Specifically designed to exclude lysine, offering selective cultivation of yeast cells.
  • Ideal for optimal growth conditions: Provides the necessary nutrients and components for ideal yeast cell growth.
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Yeast Synthetic Drop-out Medium Supplements without lysine

The Yeast Synthetic Drop-out Medium Supplements without lysine are specially formulated mixtures designed to provide optimal growth conditions for the selective cultivation of yeast cells. This product is ideal for researchers working in the field of molecular biology, yeast genetics, and protein expression who require a medium that lacks lysine, an essential amino acid.


  • Essential nutrients: The supplements are enriched with a variety of essential nutrients required for yeast growth, including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. These nutrients provide the necessary building blocks for yeast cells to synthesize proteins, nucleic acids, and other cellular components.
  • Carbon and nitrogen sources: The supplements contain carbon and nitrogen sources that serve as energy and nitrogenous compounds for yeast metabolism. These sources may include glucose, sucrose, ammonium chloride, and other organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Amino acid analogues: The absence of lysine is achieved by incorporating amino acid analogues that can substitute for lysine in protein synthesis. These analogues prevent the incorporation of lysine into growing polypeptide chains, allowing for the selective cultivation of yeast cells that are able to survive without lysine.
  • Selective markers: The supplements may also include selective markers such as antibiotic resistance genes or auxotrophic markers. These markers allow researchers to easily identify yeast cells that have successfully taken up the supplements and incorporated them into their genetic makeup.
  • Buffering agents: To maintain optimal pH conditions for yeast growth, the supplements may contain buffering agents such as phosphate salts. These agents help stabilize the pH of the growth medium, ensuring that yeast cells can thrive under ideal conditions.


  • High quality and consistency: The supplements are manufactured using strict quality control measures to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and reliable performance. Each lot is thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards of purity, functionality, and performance.
  • Easy to use: The supplements are available in ready-to-use powder form, making them convenient and easy to incorporate into existing yeast growth media. Simply add the appropriate amount of the supplements to the media, and the selective culturing of yeast cells can begin.
  • Wide application range: The Yeast Synthetic Drop-out Medium Supplements without lysine can be used with a variety of yeast strains, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, and other commonly used yeast species. This versatility allows researchers to perform a wide range of experiments and studies using their preferred yeast models.
  • Optimized growth conditions: The supplements are formulated to provide optimal growth conditions for yeast cells. By formulating the medium without lysine, researchers can selectively culture yeast cells that have particular genetic characteristics or analyze the effects of lysine deprivation on yeast physiology.
  • Compatibility with other supplements: The Yeast Synthetic Drop-out Medium Supplements without lysine can be used in combination with other drop-out supplements to create customized selective growth media. These supplements can be easily mixed and matched to design media that meet specific experimental requirements.

The Yeast Synthetic Drop-out Medium Supplements without lysine are a reliable and versatile tool for researchers studying yeast biology. Whether you are investigating gene expression, protein interactions, or metabolic pathways in yeast, these supplements provide a convenient and efficient method for selective cultivation and maintenance of yeast cells without the addition of lysine.

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