XY800 Explosion Proof Touch Computer: Reinvent Safety and Efficiency in Hazardous Work Environments

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The XY800 Explosion Proof Touch Computer is a cutting-edge industrial control device designed for volatile sectors like Petroleum and Chemical. Powered by quick-processing Intel Atom or Intel Core CPUs, this unit is built for safety and efficiency under extreme conditions. It offers a crystal clear high-resolution display with user-friendly touch panel operation.

  • Features an explosion-proof design, ensuring safety in high-risk conditions.
  • Employs robust CPUs for rapid and efficient real-time data processing.
  • High-resolution display for crisp rendering of data and visuals.
  • Intuitive touch panel operation ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Compliance with stringent safety regulations across diverse industrial sectors
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XY800 Explosion Proof Touch Computer: Safety and Efficiency Redefined

Experience a new standard of safety and efficiency with the XY800 Explosion Proof Touch Computer. Designed for hazardous work environments, the XY800 sets the bar higher for industrial control solutions by integrating high-performance specifications into a robust and compact build.

An Innovation in Safety Measures

The XY800 is engineered adhering to rigorous safety standards making it suitable for areas prone to explosions. A reliable platform for petroleum plants, chemical labs, light textile factories, medical facilities, metallurgical operations, and electricity works, the XY800 enhances safety with industry standard compatibility.

High-Speed Data Management

At the core of XY800 lies the powerful Intel Atom or Intel Core CPU, ensuring high-speed processing and efficient data management. It recommends itself through smooth operation, robust data handling and reliable performance.

Enhanced User-Centric Experience

The XY800 features a high-resolution display offering clear visibility irrespective of working conditions. Alongside, an intuitive touch panel ensures an easy user interface, simplifying complex tasks and elevating operational efficiency to a new level.

Flexible and Versatile

For industries prone to gas or dust hazards, the XY800 is the perfect control system. Its versatility, combined with advanced tech features, make it an essential tool for hazardous workplaces demanding stringent safety measures.

Key Features

  • Meticulously designed for explosion-prone sites
  • Empowered by high-performance Intel Atom or Intel Core CPUs guaranteeing swift data management
  • High-resolution display ensuring clear visibility regardless of work conditions
  • Intuitive touch panel operation for an enhanced user experience
  • Multifaceted tool for an array of industries including Petroleum, Chemical, Medicine, Metallurgy and Electricity

Step up to the future with the XY800 Explosion Proof Touch Computer as we redefine safety and efficiency in hazardous work environments.

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