XBD-HL Vertical Tangent Fire Pump: Top-Tier Firefighting Equipment

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XBD-HL Vertical Tangent Fire Pump is a robust, high-performance solution for fire emergencies. Designed for optimal function in high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, and manufacturing plants, this pump offers:

  • Variable flow regulation allowing precise firefighting, enhancing overall efficiency
  • Compliance with GB6245-2006 national standard ensuring reliability
  • Durability from tough, resilient materials ensuring a longer lifespan
  • Superior safety engineering to support the function of firefighting personnel and equipment

Technical specifications include rotational speeds of 1450r/min and 2900r/min and ability to operate in temperatures up to 80u2103. Effective firefighting is ensured with a flow range of 0 ~ 80 L/s and pressure range 0.3 ~ 1.6Mpa. Secure dependable fire protection with the XBD-HL Vertical Tangent Fire Pump.

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XBD-HL Vertical Tangent Fire Pump: Your Ultimate Fire Safety Solution

In your battle against firefighting challenges, the XBD-HL Vertical Tangent Fire Pump offers a formidable solution. This revolutionary firefighting equipment is explicitly engineered to ensure the safe water supply in high-rise buildings, meeting the needs of domestic water supplies and firefighting situations alike.

Adorned with ground-breaking technology and an innovative design, this fire pump provides an enhanced level of safety, transforming the way firefighting equipment operates to assure maximum efficiency.

Constructed following the stringent national standard GB6245-2006 for fire pump performance and testing methods, the XBD-HL series stands out with its exceptional performance. In terms of variable flow regulator properties, it offers unwavering reliability and optimal performance across scenarios.

Built with durability in mind, this pump uses resistant materials to ensure longevity. It is a perfect companion for those who value stability, designed to meet the firefighting needs for various industrial, civil, and building protections systems.

Key Features:

  • Impeccably compliant with national standard GB6245-2006 performance and testing requirements.
  • Equipped with variable flow regulator characteristics to provide optimal performance in diverse scenarios.
  • Made with durable, resistant materials, ensuring a long lifespan.
  • Applicable for a range of firefighting environments, including industrial, civil, and building protection systems.
  • Noteworthy speed at 1450r/min and 2900r/min.
  • Tolerance of medium temperature: going up to 80u00b0C (176u00b0F).
  • Versatile in Flow and Pressure range, with 0 ~ 80L/s and 0.3 ~ 1.6Mpa respectively.
  • Rotation is clockwise when viewed directly from the motor.

The XBD-HL Vertical Tangent Fire Pump is the pinnacle of reliability and quality. It is the ultimate solution for high-demand firefighting tasks in high-rise buildings, promising unmatched performance and distinctive design features.

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