XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump Group - Premier Firefighting Solution

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XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump Group – Premier Firefighting Solution

  • Equipped with high-performance diesel engines: Ensures reliable start-up and significant overload capacity in emergencies.
  • Compact, easily maintainable structure: Offers quick deployment and readiness for emergency firefighting operations.
  • Simple operation and high automation: Requires minimal user intervention, enhancing efficiency during operations.
  • Conforms to International Standards: This advanced and reliable fire-fighting equipment adheres to international standards, providing a robust and efficient firefighting system.

Model Details:

  • XBC: Designation for Diesel fire pump series.
  • Pressure Capability: Capable of delivering pressure 8-10 times its rated limit.
  • Flow Rate: Features a rated flow of 50 liters per second.
  • IS Design Type: Single-stage single-suction pump design.
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XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump Group: A Premier Firefighting Solution

Stay prepared for emergencies with our XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump Group, your ultimate solution for firefighting applications. This product adheres strictly to international standards and offers functionality and efficiency that are second to none. The XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump Group is a vital part and catalyst of any substantial fire and emergency management system.

A Powerhouse of Exceptional Features

  • Equipped with superior-grade domestic or imported diesel engines, providing effective start-up and outstanding overload capacity.
  • Boasts a compact and efficient structure that allows convenient regular maintenance, faster repairs, and maximum operational effectiveness.
  • Simplistic operational procedures enable high-level automation, reducing administrative errors, and improving reactive measures during emergency situations.
  • Unquestionably robust and reliable firefighting equipment, perfect for all types of high-risk environments and industries.

Understanding the Model

The XBC8/50-IS model translates to distinct product characteristics:

  • XBC signifies the Diesel Fire Pump series.
  • Figure '8' denotes the pump multiplier, reflecting ten times the rated pump pressure (MPa).
  • Number '50' corresponds to the pump's rated flow capacity (L/s).
  • 'IS' refers to the Fire Pump format (IS implies single-stage single-suction, 'S' denotes single-stage double-suction, and 'D' stands for segment multi-stage).

Focused on Quality

Our factory's strategic location in Shanghai, China, ensures the highest quality production standards and thorough quality control measures are followed. Please note that no sample of this product is available. For product-related queries, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

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