Efficient WT300S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump - Precision Fluid Transfer

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The Efficient WT300S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump offers unmatched precision for fluid transfer. This robust industrial-grade tool is perfect for settings demanding the highest accuracy such as laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities. Main features include:

  • Variable Speed Control: Guarantees precise fluid flow
  • Consistent Performance: Ensures the utmost efficiency
  • User-friendly Design: Simplifies use and maintenance

Critical specs include an adjustable flow rate (0.1 to 1500 mL/min), speed range (0.1 to 150 RPM), and a lightweight make (only 2.5 kg).

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Boost Efficiency with the Unparalleled Performance of the Efficient WT300S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump

Unlock the ultimate precision, innovation, and reliability in fluid transfer with the industry-leading Efficient WT300S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump. Engineered to meet demanding standards of diverse sectors, including research laboratories, pharmaceuticals and more, the WT300S infuses efficiency into your work processes.

Exceptional Precision, Stellar Performance

All features of the Efficient WT300S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump are curated to maximize its output. Its precise variable speed control redefines exactness in fluid transfer, making the pump an apt solution for tasks needing detailed attention. Delivering a smooth and consistent execution, it revolutionizes everyday operations with remarkable efficiency.

User-centric Design, Enduring Durability

Alongside great performance, the WT300S shines with its intuitive design. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth operations and maintenance, providing a seamless experience for users across expertise levels. Crafted from top-grade materials, the pump offers compelling durability, holding steadfast in even the most challenging environments.

Bridging Industries with Customizability

The versatility of the Efficient WT300S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump expands its appeal across the industrial spectrum. Flexible and adaptable, it becomes a fitting addition to various applications, from detailed laboratory research to rigorous water treatment procedures - the opportunities are multifold.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Variable Speed: Ranges from 0.1 to 150 RPM for detailed control
  • Customizable Flow Rate: Adjustable from 0.1 to 1500 mL/min
  • Power Supply: Supports both AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Compact Design: Stands at just 220mm x 150mm x 120mm
  • Lightweight: Weighs merely 2.5 kg

For those mindful about precision and reliability in fluid transfer, there is no better companion than the Efficient WT300S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump. Enhance your operations to a new level of efficiency today.

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