Cyan Blue Lined Windbreaker L - Lightweight & Stylish Jacket for Outdoor Adventures

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Cyan Blue Lined Windbreaker L – Lightweight & Stylish Jacket For Outdoor Adventures is a high-quality, durable jacket ideal for diverse outdoor activities. This robust windbreaker heightens visibility while providing reliable protection with its robust nylon outer shell.

  • Interior Comfort: Features an inner polyester-cotton lining that ensures coziness.
  • Functional Design: Equipped with two front pockets, press buttons, and an elasticized waist for convenience.
  • Breathability Enhanced: Includes four metal eyelets under each arm for improved air circulation.
  • Packaging: Each jacket is individually packaged for optimum protection.

Suits field work, emergencies, or to enhance public relations visibility.

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Lightweight & Stylish Cyan Blue Lined Windbreaker L - Perfect for All Outdoor Enthusiasts

Crafted for the modern adventurer with an eye for style, this Cyan Blue Lined Windbreaker embraces both functionality and fashion. Tackle any weather in style and with confidence with our large-sized Windbreaker, an ideal outdoor companion. Made with a blend of high-quality materials, this sturdy windbreaker offers resilience against wind and rainfall while ensuring breathability and comfort in different climates.

Superior Material and Craftsmanship

  • The outer shell is designed using sturdy nylon fabric, reputed for its durability and resistance to wind and light showers. Stand up against harsh weather with our windbreaker.
  • A lining blend of polyester and cotton provides excellent comfort and moisture-wicking properties. You remain dry and comfortable, no matter the situation.

Practical and Functional Design Features

  • Incorporating two front pockets into the design ensures handy storage for your essentials, while press buttons provide a secure yet easy-to-use closure system.
  • The elasticized waist enhances the fit and the stylish silhouette of the jacket, ensuring you feel good and look great.
  • Four metal eyelets under each arm deliver superior breathability, promoting air circulation to maintain your comfort throughout the day.

Ideal Measurements for the Perfect Fit

  • The jacket comes in a large size, accommodating a range of body types and promoting enhanced mobility.
  • The length (770mm/30.3 inches) guarantees comprehensive coverage for your upper body, while the breast dimension (580mm/22.75 inches) supports diverse body types.

Each windbreaker is individually packed to ensure perfect condition and freshness upon delivery. With an estimated weight of 0.525 KG and volume of 2.867 CDM, transportation is hassle-free. This Cyan Blue Lined Windbreaker is truly a style statement that is a must-have for all your outdoor adventures!

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