Durable 95m3 Water Storage Tank Kit - Easy Installation | Complete Set with Steel Roof

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Water Storage Tank Kit 95m3 – Durable & Easy-to-Install | Complete Set with Steel Roof

  • Durability: Steel-reinforced cylindrical structure enhances durability.
  • Complete Kit: Includes synthetic rubber liner, uPVC roof cover, corrugated steel frame, tap stands, connection hose and tools.
  • Easy Setup & Reusability: Simplified installation and disassembly for reuse.
  • Functional Design: Suitable for bulk water distribution and specific water treatment methods.
  • Standard Compliance: Compliant with standards for chlorinated drinking water.

With a 95,000-liter capacity, this storage tank kit offers a comprehensive water storage solution, perfect for emergencies and extensive water distribution projects. Note that components may vary based on the manufacturer but the core construction and strength principles persist.

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Durable & Easy-to-Install 95m3 Water Storage Tank Kit | Complete Set with Steel Roof

Introducing our premium and comprehensive 95m3 Water Storage Tank Kit; an all-embracing water storage solution designed with a robust steel roof and a remarkable capacity of 95,000 liters. Constructed with superior durability in mind, it's an ideal choice for large-scale water distribution and certain water treatment processes.

Superior Quality and Durability

Crowned with a sturdy steel roof for maximum resilience, our tank is reinforced with cylindrical steel lending it a longevity that rivals other products in the market. Its robustness ensures that it stands up to the challenge of long-term use.

Functionality at Its Best

  • The kit comes equipped with a synthetic rubber liner, uPVC roof cover, and distribution tap stands. This comprehensive assembly allows for broad utility, thereby reinforcing its functionality.
  • It is optimally designed for bulk water distribution and specific water treatment processes, thereby enhancing storage efficiency to the maximum extent.
  • The tank complies with chlorinated drinking water standards, ensuring the safety and sanity of the stored water. This critical confirmation fortifies the reliability of its use.

Ease of Installation and Use

Benefit from its simple assembly process and the advantage of being able to disassemble it for reuse or relocation. This effortless feature adds value to the tank kit, making it an asset in transient requirements or emergencies. The potential for reuse of the kit projects it as a sustainable choice for water conservation efforts.

Water Quality & Conservation

The uPVC roof cover of the tank kit protects against water evaporation and external pollutants. Its synthetic rubber liner facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, thereby further ensuring the purity of the water contained.

Suitable for emergencies, hostels, or remote locations, the 95m3 Water Storage Tank Kit presents an adaptable and sustainable resolution to a multitude of water storage needs.

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