Complete Water Tank Kit, 11m3: Reliable & Efficient Solution for Emergency Water Storage

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The ‘Complete Water Tank Kit, 11m3’ is an efficient solution for emergency water storage scenarios. Constructed with a sturdy steel structure and synthetic rubber liner, the product provides durable and safe storage for up to 11,000 liters of water.

  • Compliance: The kit meets chlorinated drinking water standards.
  • Portability: Easy to disassemble, the product ships as compact sub-kits for simple onsite assembly.
  • Convenience: Users get easy access with included distribution tap stand kits and a connection hose kit.

Ideal for large-scale needs in disaster-hit areas, construction projects, and refugee camps.

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Complete Water Tank Kit, 11m3: Your Reliable and Efficient Solution for Emergency Water Storage

The Complete Water Tank Kit, made with a strong steel frame coupled with a resilient liner, is a versatile and robust solution designed to cater to your emergency water storage needs. Built with an impressive capacity of 11,000 liters, this meticulously engineered solution is perfect for immediate installation and easy relocation. Stay prepared for unexpected circumstances with this versatile water storage solution.

  • Easy installation: The water tank kit is intuitively designed for swift and hassle-free assembly. A comprehensive installation tool kit is included to increase efficiency.
  • Durable material: The tank features a construction of corrugated steel sheets paired with a synthetic rubber liner, guaranteeing a product that is designed for longevity and reliability.
  • Innovative design: The water tank's design, split into several sub-kits, facilitates a smooth on-site assembly and shipping process, reducing your worries about transport and installation.
  • Safe for use: The water tank is compliant with regulations for use with chlorinated drinking water, offering an unrivaled, safe, and secure storage solution.
  • Accessories included: This kit incorporates distribution tap stand kits for convenient water accessibility. It also includes a connection hose kit that assures immediate and effective setup.

Equipped with premium quality materials and components, the Complete Water Tank Kit stands out as an exceptional solution that complies with drinking water standards. While the construction and components may slightly vary based on the manufacturer, the kit's fundamental principle, which is to provide a reliable water storage solution, remains consistent. Add this expertly crafted kit to your emergency preparedness regimen and conquer any unexpected water-related crisis with confidence.

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