Medical WP 0.3L Water Pack B | Superior Ice Packs for Cold Chain Maintenance

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The Medical WP 0.3L Water Pack B is a superior solution for maintaining effective cold chain conservation. It comes with:

  • Ample Storage: 0.3L capacity
  • Leak-Proof Design: Built-in seal & screw cap
  • Robust materials: Swelling-resistant walls
  • Enhanced Security: Double wall carton packaging
  • Warranty Assurance: 2-year replacements warranty

Primarily used for shipping and vaccinations, these reliable ice packs ensure temperature stability throughout transit.

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Medical WP 0.3L Water Pack B: Your Best Solution for Superior Cold Chain Maintenance

Ensure top-level cold chain maintenance with the unmatched performance of the Medical WP 0.3L Water Pack B. Engineered for the efficient storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive materials, this product safeguards the integrity, quality, and potency of your materials. Specifically catering to the needs of biopharma products and vaccines, it's an essential tool for healthcare institutions and logistics firms.

Superior Design for Optimal Cooling

Each ice pack in this kit is designed to contain 0.3 liters, making it adaptable to differing cooling requirements. The robust casing of the packs ensures resistance to expansion, preserving their shape and cooling capacity even with repeated use. The packs feature a leak-proof design with a detachable cap and an inbuilt water seal for ease of usage and cleanliness.

Precision for Optimal Efficiency

These ice packs boast a unique clear filling line indicator for accurate filling and consequent optimal cooling ability. Designed to carry 0.3 liters of water, the packs strike the ideal balance between weight and cooling potential.

Packaging that Prioritizes Safety

The ice packs are shipped in double-wall cartons for damage protection, ensuring they get to you in perfect condition. Every set consists of 40 reusable ice packs, reducing environmental impact while offering remarkable value.

Technical Details:

  • Type of Ice Pack: Screw-cap, Type 1
  • Water Capacity: 0.25 to 0.35 liters
  • Dimensions: 173 x 120 x 26mm (with tolerance of +/- 2mm)

Uncompromised Support and Warranty

Purchase with confidence as your investment is protected by a two-year replacement warranty against any failure due to design, materials or workmanship flaws.

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