Advanced Multi/Single Jet Water Meter for Precise Water Management - 50mm

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Introducing our High-Performance Multi/Single Jet Water Meter, optimized for accurate water measurement in 50mm pipe diameters. The meter boasts a 50mm nominal bore diameter facilitating both horizontal and vertical installations. It possesses a maximum pressure capacity of 16 bars and a maximum water temperature tolerance of 40u00b0C. Features include leak detection capabilities, a rotatable register, and a corrosion-resistant body. It has a maximum register reading of 999,999 cubic meters, a nominal flow rate of 15 cubic meters/hour, and a maximum flow rate of 30 cubic meters/hour, establishing it as a reliable tool for precise readings in varying temperatures and pressures.

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Reinvent your water management system with our state-of-the-art Multi/Single Jet Water Meter, designed with accuracy and trustworthy performance at its core. Made for a 50mm pipe diameter, this meter is built for durability, ensuring reliable measurement in both horizontal and vertical installations. With a diverse application range from commercial and industrial to residential uses, our water meter stands as an epitome of quality and precision.

  • Equipped with a multi/single jet design, our water meter guarantees precise measurement across varying flow rates while minimizing wear and tear, promising a prolonged lifespan.
  • Designed for a 50mm nominal bore diameter, it ensures exact water measurement, contributing to efficient water management.
  • Robust enough to withstand a maximum operating pressure of 16 Bars and a testing pressure of 25 bars, our water meter delivers superior performance in high-demand conditions.
  • Our water meter demonstrates impressive endurance against high water temperatures of up to 40°C.
  • The rotor, balanced both statically and hydro-dynamically, promises stable performance and dependable readings under fluctuating pressure conditions.
  • Employing a magnetic direct drive, we have eliminated the potential for moisture ingress, ensuring remarkable durability and cost efficiency in the long run.
  • Our water meter incorporates leak detection capabilities to conserve water and prevent significant damage due to potential leakage.
  • Designed with user convenience in mind, our water meter features a rotatable register for quick and easy access.
  • Our water meter boasts a robust, corrosion-resistant body that ensures sustainability under diverse environmental conditions.
  • Our meters are maintenance-friendly, with an interchangeable totaliser mechanism that can be replaced on-site with remarkable ease.

All these pioneering features are incorporated under the compliance of ISO 4064 standards, ensuring adherence to international norms and protocols.

Boost your water management system with unmatched precision and ease with our Multi/Single Jet Water Meter. Don't hesitate, order today and experience the change!

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