Emergency Water Purification - Life-Saving Water Floc. & Disinfectant Powder

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Emergency Water Purification – Water Floc. & Disinfectant Powder is a powerful blend, innovatively engineered to treat and disinfect impure water. Key features include:

  • Effective formulation: In a two-step process, it treats turbidity via coagulation and precipitation, using an approved flocculent.
  • Integrated disinfection: Contains Chlorine to kill harmful microorganisms, offering lasting protection and inhibiting further contamination.
  • Convenience: Comes pre-packed in sturdy cardboard boxes with sachets, each capable of treating 10 liters of water. Available in 2.5g or 4g sachet sizes.
  • Guidance provided: Easy-to-understand English instructions and illustrative guides included.

A go-to solution for emergencies, it ensures access to safe, drinkable water when needed most.

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Emergency Water Purification - Life-Saving Water Floc. & Disinfectant Powder

Your essential partner in times of emergency! Our Water Floc. & Disinfectant Powder acts swiftly to transform potentially contaminated water into a safe, drinkable resource. It is an indispensable tool that provides clean water when you need it the most.

Double Defence with Exciting Features

  • A unique blend of a flocculent and a disinfectant (chlorine) ensures thorough purification, efficiently removing impurities like dirt, pesticides and some heavy metals.
  • Our product eliminates harmful microorganisms from the water, protecting you from waterborne diseases.
  • It not only purifies but leaves residual chlorine to protect against any later contamination, making sure the treated water remains safe over an extended period.

Convenience and Practicality Combined

  • Enjoy the convenience of user-friendly premeasured sachets, complete with simple instructions in English and helpful pictographs.
  • Choose from two sachet sizes: 2.5g and 4g. Each pack includes 20 strips of 12 sachets each, a total of 240 sachets fitting neatly in a cardboard box.

Quick and Efficient Purifying Process

Just add the water purifying powder to water and wait around 15 minutes. After this, strain the water through a cloth to separate the floc. The result is water that is clear, clean, and safe to drink.

Please Note: This product is designed only for emergency use and not for regular water consumption. It’s intended to be a life-saving aid when access to clean water is restricted.

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