High-Efficiency Compact Vortex Mixer for Laboratories - Streamline Lab Operations with Precision and Safety

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High-Efficiency Compact Vortex Mixer for Laboratories: Efficiently mix raw materials, drugs, and chemicals with this versatile, compact vortex mixer. Dispensing optimal performance and precision, it underpins laboratory operations.

  • Versatile Implementation: Adapts to tube diameters up to 30mm with its rubber top, lending itself to a diversity of applications.
  • Speed Regulation: Astonishing customizability, with touch and switch modes, adjustable speed up to 3200rpm, and a 5.6mm horizontal circular orbit for unrivaled mixing.
  • Safety-First Design: Features non-skid feet for stability, mitigating accident risk within the bustling lab environment.
  • Portability by Design: Weighs just 5.5kg, ensuring easy transportation. Single tube head for space-saving storage.
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Amplify Laboratory Efficiency with High-Capacity Compact Vortex Mixer

Introducing the High-Efficiency Compact Vortex Mixer, a premium addition to any laboratory aiming for efficiency, precision, and safety. This instrument affirms a smooth, streamlined workflow, robust mixing abilities, and secure workspace utilization. Engineered with superior performance in mind, it delivers on the promise of top-notch laboratory results.

  • Innovation at its core: Boasting a sleek shaker/vibrator design, this compact vortex mixer aids in optimal use of laboratory space without ever compromising functionality.
  • Rock-solid durability: Featuring rubber top construction, this mixer can accommodate tubes of up to 30mm diameter, ensuring long-standing service and dependability.
  • Customizable output: With touch and switch mode operations and adjustable speeds of up to 3200rpm, this mixer offers versatility and adaptability for custom experiment requirements, yielding faster, high-quality results.
  • Uniform mixing assured: Engineered with a 5.6mm circular horizontal orbit, it guarantees smooth and even blending of all samples and reagents, thus ensuring uniformity in experiments.
  • Safety prioritized: Built with non-skid feet, the mixer ensures operational stability, significantly reducing risks of equipment damage or user injuries.
  • Universal compatibility: With an AC power scope of 100-240V, 50/60Hz along and an integrated voltage surge protection system, this tool is designed for international usage.

The High-Efficiency Compact Vortex Mixer propels laboratories towards new heights of productivity and precision. Appropriate for secondary and tertiary lab settings, it guarantees accurate integration of samples and reagents. This compact mixer, weighing a mere 5.5kg and only occupying 0.0092m3 of lab space, comes fully prepared for immediate use with an accompanying tube head. Invest in this efficient, space-saving piece of lab equipment and witness your lab operations evolve.

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