High-Performance 9.5x1m Volleyball Net - For Professional and Recreational Volleyball Games

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Boost your game experience with High-Performance 9.5x1m Volleyball Net, perfect for schools, clubs, or personal use. Key features include:

  • Official competitive size for professional-level sports
  • Durable construction featuring robust 100mm nylon mesh
  • Nylon headband and sides carefully finished with a heavy overlock stitch for stability during heated games
  • Incorporates a 3mm steel cable for firm support
  • Ideal addition to recreational kits, enhancing accessibility and enjoyment of sports

Product weight and volume are approximately 1.562kg and 5.6cdm respectively. The product is securely packed to ensure safe shipping. Note: No CAS number or chemical formula present as they are not applicable to this product

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The High-Performance 9.5x1m Volleyball Net sets the standard for professional and recreational volleyball. With superior quality and meticulous design, this net is a must-have for any volleyball enthusiast, whether for competitive tournaments or casual play.

Our volleyball net stands out for its exceptional durability and robustness. Here's what makes our Volleyball Net the ultimate choice:

  • Constructed with a minimum 100mm nylon mesh to offer unmatched durability.
  • Features a minimum thread size of 2mm to guarantee sturdiness.
  • Employs nylon headbands, sides, and a bottom meticulously finished with a heavy overlock stitch. This prevents unravelling and ensures the net's longevity.
  • Incorporates a 3mm steel cable for robust support and stability, removing the need for posts and setting our net apart from the rest.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: Approximately 1.562kg
  • Volume: Approximately 5.6 cubic decimeters

The perfect choice for games in physical education classes, training sessions, and recreational activities. Its high-quality design furnishes a smooth and uninterrupted game. The High-Performance 9.5x1m Volleyball Net can also be included as an essential component of Recreation kit 2016 or Recreation kit-in-a-carton 2016, augmenting the value of your sports equipment collection.

Each Volleyball Net comes carefully wrapped in a polythene bag and encased in a protective pallet box during transit, ensuring that our product reaches you in perfect condition.

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